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Today’s live broadcast began with a prayer by Heather and Joseph Z, praying against everything that’s against our minds and emotions. Afterward, Joseph begins by teaching that when we’re not persuaded by how much love God has for us, we get easily rolled over by the world, but when we have a revelation, we will never be at the mercy of a culture gone mad. He goes further to share his vision about Vegas, and how God promises to expose everything that’s going on there. Also, he recounted his prophecy of September 16 where he revealed a prophecy about Israel, exposing that Israel would march and urges us to stay in watch over Israel. Again, he shares his Trump Tower experience, where God instructed him to intercede for the nation.

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Moving on, Joseph informs us that America has one more round and that the Lord will rightsize the prophetic to eliminate all human interference. He went ahead to teach that, in the New Testament, we’ve got the spirit in us, which is different from the Old Testament experience. Again, he delves into the prophetic teachings, bringing to our knowledge that the difference between the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet is defined by responsibility. He further outlines the four different types of the prophetic which are: Roeh, Nabi, Chazah, and Chozeh; analyzing also what each of them represents.

Moreso, Joseph continues to outline the traits of each of the different types of prophetic, revealing that the most common of the four gifts of the prophetic are Roeh and Nabi. Further into his teaching, he explains that there are three categories of prophetic people, which are: the real, the false, and the novices. The real is based on the bible, humility, submission, and gifting. The false on the other hand, is characterized by: twisted scripture, false humility, not submitted, gifting, and greed. The novice, however, is the grey area, and it’s the number one place you can find most of the prophetic people. According to him, this set of people is a disservice to the body of Christ.

Furthermore, Joseph explains that gifting does not qualify someone for office or leadership, and because most false prophets have it, they use it for all the wrong reasons until they become reprobates. Again, he shares his vision of America, revealing that it will go through a time of darkness, but after that will come a new, different America. In addition to this, he further shares more of his visions pertaining to Israel and her relationship with the US. He reveals further that the reformers, young lions, cinderellas, and the Rudolphs are coming to assist in restoring America. 


0:00 Introduction

02:14 The Vision About Vegas

05:34 The Trump Tower Experience

08:21 Rightsizing of the Prophetic

13:13 Gifts of Prophecy & Office of the Prophet

14:47 Four Different Types of Prophecy

15:19 Understanding the Four Types of Prophecy

25:49 The Concerns about the Prophetic

26:59 Understanding the Categories of the Prophetic

41:21 The Vision of America

47:06 The Coming of Reformers

50:15 Conclusion

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