Prophetic Update—Vision of RED WHITE & BLUE Angel!—10 Cites Prophecy!

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Today’s live broadcast began with a recount of Joseph Z’s prophecy of October 13 and October 16, 2020, where he shared his vision of an Angel named Red, White, and Blue standing in America. Then came another Angel named white and Blue standing to the right side of the first Angel, and through divine interpretation, he came to learn that the Red, white, and Blue Angel which represents America became stronger through the covenant blessing of Israel which was represented by the White and Blue Angel. He moved on to his prophecy of August 29, 2023, where he disclosed that America must repent to repair, and also that the reformers are coming to the scene soon, alongside a tech revival.

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Moving on, Joseph takes us back to his broadcast of October 8, 2023, where he revealed that the roar of the Lord will come through the church in 2024; assuring us also of met expectations, a return, recompense, and restoration. He went further to reveal that the clarity of God is coming upon us, alongside the spirit of might; for the spirit of Elijah is coming to reconcile the children to the fathers and the fathers to the children. Also, he reveals that there’ll be an outpouring of God that’ll bring exposure and justice; bringing also rain upon the just and unjust alike. He further insists that God will bring a severe turn and at the end of it will come a new America.

Again, in his second broadcasts on October 12, 2023, and January 4, 2023, he shared with us the sense he has about a weight and heaviness on the horizon, involving smoke, challenge, and difficulty in New York and across the heartland to the west coast. He further disclosed that the storm of our generation is coming quickly and that there will be a Decapolis, ten cities smoking at once, alongside a shaking in cyberspace and economic space. He insists that economics will be shaken in multifaceted scenarios, and we’ll see food challenges and a lot of energy concerns that portend nothing but danger to us all. Amidst all these, he reveals that the Lord will pull back the cover on the false accusers, and there will also be multifaceted black swan events.

Furthermore, Joseph recounts his prophecy of September 16, 2023, where he revealed that Israel will march, and advance; when they do, they’ll set a new precedent. We could see a fulfillment of this with the recent war going on in Israel and the precedents they’ve put in place to avert future mishaps. Also, we could see that at the time when he prophesied about a breach in Vegas, there was later a cyber breach that took place, affecting lots of hotels thereby rendering lodgers stranded. He then charges us not to be afraid for the spirit of might shall come upon us to strengthen us all. He further declared that there would also be a great revival that would be born in the midst of everything going on. 


0:00 Introduction

02:50 USA in the Middle of Jerusalem

06:04 The Holy Roar in 2024

10:52 The Great Pressure 

15:13 Fear Not: I have made you for this Time

20:19 The Las Vegas Vision

22:50 Prophecy about Israel: March & Advance

25:45 News Clip about Vegas Cyber Attack

30:55 Las Vegas: What You Need to Know

38:02 Prayer of Protection: Psalm 91

43:56 Run to Jesus

48:20 Conclusion

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