Escalation Of The War—Prophetic Insights!

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“Those who sow in tears will reap in songs of joy”. “The Lord will turn your mourning into dancing”. 

Today on Full Disclosure, Joseph Z is joined in the studio by his friends Ryan and Massey Campos, and they bring us a full analysis of what is going on in the world today. Joseph begins by sharing his Las Vegas vision, where God assured him of exposing everything going on secretly in Vegas, after which there came a cyber attack and security breach that caused great difficulty in this area. He also believes that part of this breach that God promised to bring exposure to is the Iron Dome compromise, insisting that the Iron Dome may have been hacked which led to a successful attack of Hamas on Israel. Ryan and Massey echoed their support for this assumption due to the way and manner in which the attack was launched. 

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Moving on, Joseph shares his prophetic sense about the USA being in the middle of Jerusalem when spelled, believing that the US has a prophetic destiny with Israel. Massey chips in, believing also, that America’s role in the affairs of Israel can not be brushed under the carpet, because America is built to be a beacon of hope to Israel in particular and other nations in general. Ryan on the other hand, believes that it’s a question of whether America will stand with God’s people or not. Also, Massey brings to our attention that a lot of lies are being told about what the real situation is because he has seen proof of the majority of people supporting Israel, but unfortunately, this is not shown on mainstream media, and neither is the gravity of the evil done to Israel shown enough in the media. Interestingly, 

It may interest you to know that there has been a nefarious push for the “replacement theology”, which Joseph believes is a misconstrued ideology; for although God made a covenant with the Church, he also made a covenant with Israel which are both at different capacities, and one can’t outrun the other. He insists that how God deals with His covenant with the land is different from how He approaches His covenant with the Church. Ryan echoes his support to this, insisting that God doesn’t go back in His covenant or His promises. Again, Ryan exposes the pay-to-slay initiative established by the Palestinians, where terrorists who capture Israelis, torture and kill them get paid in millions for that. To the utter disbelief of many, this means that terrorism is being incentivized. 

Furthermore, Joseph brings to our attention that there’s been an announcement about a  designated global day of jihad, but he assured us that there’ll be shelter for us in these difficult times. Massey then urges us to learn from history, and continually seek God’s face in every step we take; trusting in God every step of the way. Ryan, on the other hand, believes that all that is going on will unite us more than it will tear us apart. Again, Massey urges us to teach our sons and daughters how to stand in faith, because when we sit back, the wicked take over everything. They agree that there is a lot of hope on the horizon because the young lions are coming to the rescue.

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