Red Church - Are We Living in the End Times?

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“One believer alone is enough Church to hold back the antichrist”.

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z broadens our understanding of the end times, bringing clarity to the concept of times and seasons. He begins by letting us know that the more we do what God expects of us, the more opposition we face. He goes on to clarify that we’re not in the end times yet, but we’re definitely in the last of the last days, and that the kingdom of God is getting closer to earth. Again, he explains that all the rumors of wars, the pressure, and everything going on in the world today are the response of creation, crying out for redemption.

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Moving on, Joseph analyzes the eternity past and future, bringing more clarity to times and seasons. He goes on to analyze our lives in the world, outlining that the world is made of the natural and the spirit; but the natural is first, followed by the spirit. He goes on to explain that everything we need as believers is available in the realm of the spirit, because Jesus had everything done, and all we need to do is trust in His word. He further explains that we’re not getting the things we need because we’re driven in the natural and overwhelmed by our five senses. However, when we overcome our five senses by faith, we step into the spirit to activate all that we need from God.

Furthermore, he continues to educate us, employing the word of God from the Book of Hebrews 5:14 to reinstate the importance of having our senses exercised. This means that when we go past our five senses and reach out to the realm of the spirit with faith as our weapon, we activate all that we need. Reassuringly, he reveals that the Lord wants to take our sorrow and turn it into dancing; urging everyone who’s yet to repent, to do so and give their lives to Jesus.  


0:00 Introduction

02:07 Christ in You, the Hope of Gory

04:36 Are We in the Last Days?

11:26 Prophetic Evangelism

16:24 Creation’s Need for Redemption

17:57 Understanding Eternity's Past & Future

26:43 What will You do with Your Life?

27:42 Understanding the Natural & the Spirit

30:00 Peace that Passes Understanding

32:00 How to Get Everything You Need 

39:29 The Common Sign of a False Prophet

44:00 Conclusion