CopyCat Attacks—10 Cities—What Matters MOST RIGHT NOW!

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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z brings exposure to a copycat spirit that wants to replicate what’s happening right now in Israel, and we must stand in faith and liberty, to see the goodness of God manifest in the midst of all these. He goes on to reveal that he sees ten cities (Decapolis) that will be burning at the same time in the US, and it may be either literally or symbolically. Also, he insists that America must repent to repair, and repentance entails accepting Jesus and making Him our Lord and Saviour.

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Moving on, Joseph informs us that we’re in for a season of challenges, difficulties, and also great favor. We may notice a heightened level of persecution, accusations, and distractions, but we must not succumb to it because the Lord is calling us to hear and see the hour of our visitation. Again, he insists in his prophecy of a downtime for the US, a time of darkness, but there will be an intervention in the middle of everything. In addition to this, he discloses that there’s a change coming to Canada, which will involve a monumental earthquake.

Similarly, Joseph employs the word of God from the Book of 2 Peter 3:1 to remind us about the importance of wholesome thinking and stirring up our minds with the word of God, so as not to be susceptible to the devil. Also, in 2 Peter 2:1-4, we are warned about false prophets and teachers who would use false teachings to deceive many. In spite of this, we’re reassured that they will not escape the wrath of God, just as we witnessed how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their sinfulness; likewise the destruction that took place during the time of Noah. Again he warns about a foreboding sense he has about London and urges us to stay in prayer. He then declares peace over every one of us and over our nation, proclaiming that JESUS is LORD! 


0:00 Introduction

02:18 Season of Challenge

05:44 Downtime for the US?

09:12 Decapolis: Ten Cities Burning?

12:15 London, South Africa: Watch & Pray

14:35 Monumental Change in Canada?

20:26 2 Peter 3:1 Stir up Your Pure Minds

28:09 2 Peter 2:1-15 

36:08 Remain Small in Your Eyes

38:12 Remain in the Word of God

39:00 Intervention is Coming

40:37 Conclusion