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“There is a hell to run from, and a living God to run towards”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z exposes what to expect next in the coming days, informing us also that a leader shall arise from the ashes. He shares a video clip warning about the replication of events that are happening around the world and also revisits his past prophecy where he shared that ten cities will burn at the same time. Amidst all of these, he reassures us that the Lord is making a great way for us all. He goes on to reveal that there’s coming a time of darkness that will bring chaos and gloom; disclosing also that a figure shall rise. Regardless of this, he reassures us of hope on the horizon and a silver lining, because of God’s mercy and grace.

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Moving on, Joseph insists that light and darkness will continue to collide, but despite this, there won’t be a complete collapse of society. He went further to employ the word of God from the Book of Luke 13 to instruct us to repent and turn from our evil ways or risk the nightmare of eternal damnation. Also, he revisits his earlier prophecy, warning about ships coming across the seas, and that there will also be mass collisions of these ships in the ocean. He then reassures us that the spirit of God will break us out of our captivity, and from the hour of judgment, provided we’re obedient to his word and obey his commands.

Again, Joseph reassures us more, revealing that our children shall be saved and that there will be a provision for the mission that God has assigned to us. He urges us not to let crisis fatigue take control of us; charging us also, to outgrow the yoke in our lives, because the spirit of the Lord is making a great way for us. Also, he reveals that there’ll be smoking oil rigs, but in the midst of all that is happening, there’ll be unprecedented waves of people coming to Jesus. Again, he charges us to get ready for an oil change, and at the same time urges us all to follow Jesus.

Lastly, he reassures us of a supernatural provision, and that we will come to the other side of what’s happening. In addition, he asserts that God’s word does not return void, therefore His promises shall come to pass in our lives. He goes further to declare the peace of God upon us and speaks life over us all. He then urges us not to fear, but to go boldly after what the Lord has called us to do.


0:00 Introduction

03:05 Copycat of Events

06:38 Decapolis: Ten Cities Burning?

09:29 A Time of Darkness

16:49 A Figure Rising?

18:24 Luke 13: Repent & Be Saved

21:37 Ships in Oceans

24:53 I Will Break You Out of Your Captivity

31:55 Get Ready for an Oil Change

33:54 Supernatural Provision

38:18 Conclusion 

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