The SPIRIT OF ELIJAH!!—Casting Jezebel OUT!!

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“Let not your heart be troubled!” “You have the peace that passes all understanding!”

Today’s broadcast began with Joseph Z encouraging us with the word of God, taken from the Book of Malachi 4:5, which informs us of God’s promise to send us the spirit of Elijah before the dreadful day of the Lord comes. He goes on to share a vision he had some years back about God’s instruction to him to go live every day since the unfortunate COVID-19 event. He brings to our understanding that the spirit of Elijah is a way-making anointing, and a prophetic “now” word. Also, he informs us that the truth of God is defying the odds in our body and physical health; for God is ushering in unprecedented breakthroughs through the spirit of Elijah.

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Moving on, Joseph continues to strengthen us with the word of God, taken from the Book of 2 Kings 4:38-42, to bring us up to speed on how the Lord will transfer the wealth of the wicked to the righteous. He also reveals that there’s a spiritual awakening coming to the people of God, and an anointing to cast out the spirit of Jezebel from unconventional sources. He insists that there’ll be a way-making anointing for the bold and that it’s not too late for us; for the Lord can turn our lives around in minutes.

In addition, Joseph urges us to repent of our sins and turn to God because He loves us. He further insists that there’s a turn in the tide because Jesus is making a great way of increase, and breakthrough for us all. He then speaks favor and increases upon us, commanding pain to leave any part of our body that’s affected; releasing the blood of the Lamb over us and our various families. He again proclaims that Jesus is Lord and that He will never leave nor forsake us.  


0:00 Introduction

02:43 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

04:29 Malachi 4:5-6: Spirit of Elijah

08:24 Joseph’s Prophetic Vision

14:31 Transitional Seasonal Change

16:10 The Lord is Making a Great Way

19:32 2 Kings 4:38-42

28:00 Way-Making Provision Breakthrough

29:45 Great Ability for the Bold: It’s Not Too Late for You

30:45 Repent and Give Your Life to Jesus

34:35 A Turn in the Tide

35:25 Prayer & Conclusion