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“The only way to fight against deception is with the truth”.

Today on Full Disclosure, Joseph Z features Pastor Shannon Williams and D. R. Harrison. They discussed what America must do to thrive and move forward. Pastor Shannon begins by revealing that there’s a spirit of deception that has come upon America, the spirit of the antichrist that has been at large for a while now is working its way into the hearts of people to deceive them, and the church. Regardless, he believes that God is raising fearless men of God to stand in the gap and to speak the truth. D.R. Harrison took over, asserting that God wants to make his people uncomfortable because religion has made us comfortable in such a way that we’ve relapsed to the dictates of the evil ones among us, instead of being a beacon of light and hope to the world. He goes further to make us understand that, the gospel is the power of God that brings people to repentance. 

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Moving on, Pastor Shannon observes that our leaders have made themselves a tool in the hands of the antichrist spirit, and although they’re making us believe they’re with Israel, there’s more left to be seen. D. R., on the other hand, asserts that “the heart of the king is in the hands of the Lord”, and that God’s people have the power in prayer and through the ordinances of the Holy Spirit to turn the situation around to the favor of the Lord’s people. Pastor Shannon proceeded further to share his experience in the vineyard of the Lord, and D. R. also shared what he sees coming; informing us that the age of religious rhetoric is over and that God is eager to take us back to the real deal, which is embracing Jesus Christ and the message of salvation He offers. He went further to encourage us, asserting that it doesn't matter where we come from or how bad we’ve been because Jesus loves us regardless. 

More interestingly, Joseph introduced more guests: Pastor Ken Peters and Pastor John Groth. Pastor Groth shared his perspective about what’s happening in Israel and the nation of America, revealing that there are a lot of false teachers twisting the word of God into what they want it to be, but because our God is a loving father, he shows mercy to everyone and is slow to anger. Also, he comments on what’s happening in Israel, exposing that the word of God is being fulfilled because those who bless Israel are being blessed, and those who are against them are at the moment being cursed. Also, observing that the current situation we’re seeing with a lot of young people siding with the Hamas terrorists has suddenly brought every man of God to the awareness that they’re not doing much in making disciples of Christ out of the younger generation. Pastor Ken took the baton, sharing his experience about his calling and the motivation behind it. 

Furthermore, on the question of whether America has one more opportunity, Pastor John asserts that, if the church rises to challenge all that’s going on, the gates of hell will fall surely. He also shares that the church is not political when it has to do with issues with humanity, and most things that are labeled political are the tactics of the devil to divert the eyes of the church from intervening in such evil. Pastor Ken also lends his voice to this, sharing that Christ never made any restrictions in the command He gave, about the church being the salt of the world; which means that the church must not be restricted in any way in the affairs of men, political or not. They both concluded by praying that every one of us gets forgiveness for our sins through our faith and commitment to the Lord Jesus; that all who seeks for the Lord finds Him waiting with open arms. 

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