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Today’s live broadcast is packed with exposure to the most coveted issue, which is the place of America in Bible prophecy, and also an understanding of what’s currently going on and where we’re headed as a nation. Joseph Z begins by revealing the reason behind the war and everything going on currently in the political circle. He goes on to inform us that 45 will take a sweep at the polls if the election were to be held today, and because of this, the nefarious players in the political arena are running helter-skelter to devise a means to pull the votes their way. He makes a revelation about a few individuals who may be presented as potential candidates for the presidency. He goes further to address the concerns that have been raised regarding the upcoming election, what with the present war issues scattered all over the place.

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Moving on, Joseph believes that the crisis that we now see all over the nation has been engineered to distract people from the plans underway to maneuver the upcoming elections. He questions why this climate lockdown issue and the likes of it are only prevalent in the US and not in any other part of the world. Questioning also why US issues get more attention amidst other pressing issues begging for attention in other nations in the Middle East and the rest of the world. He goes further to draw our attention to the rapidity with which AI was discarded for the war going on currently and warns that AI portends no good for us and deserves all of the attention. Also, he insists that there will be ten cities burning and all of these will strip the attention off of AI; charging us not to be taken unawares when AI is introduced as a tool to correct the current financial crisis. He believes that it would be a big mistake to let AI run the financial affairs of this nation.

Moreso, Joseph shares a video clip detailing the risks involved in the use of AI because it’s not so much about the technology but who is programming and controlling it. He went further to address the concerns of people regarding where America can be found in Bible prophecy, employing the word of God from the books of Daniel 7:4, and Revelation 12:14 to broaden our understanding of this concern. He urges us to keep our eyes on the gospel, believing that if the US and Israel stand together there’s a covenant blessing for the US that could cause it to have a place in the last days narrative. Also, he believes that the US is in a valley of decision now and the choice we make determines our stand in the covenant blessing of Israel.

Furthermore, he insists that there will be one more round for the US that will come with a rightsizing, through repentance and a turning back to how the Lord wanted it from the beginning. He also takes us back to his prophecy of 2021 where he revealed that there would be war games in the ocean that would lead to a conflict, and we can see this happening at the moment. Again, he reveals that there will be a discovery in water in our nation that will be used as a mechanism of control; regardless of this, he urges us not to be afraid for the Lord is with us. He further reassures us of a guiding light in the middle of the storm, for greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. 


0:00 Introduction

04:26 Secret Agendas Behind the War

06:45 America’s Future: What to Expect Next

11:30 AI: Current Stage & The US Crisis

17:00 Risks of Artificial Intelligence

20:03 The US in Bible Prophecy

24:25 Joseph’s Angelic Vision of the US

30:48 The Ark was Stolen?

33:52 One More Round for the US

38:47 Water Crisis: Mechanism of Control

44:26 Light Shining Upon the White House

46:05 Conclusion

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