The GAP THEORY—Fallen ANGELS Earth before Adam! JZ w/ Pastor Bob Yandian

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“The multitude of your merchandise filled you with violence, and now, you’ve sinned”.

The Gap Theory, what does this mean? Joseph Z with Pastor Bob Yandian takes us through the landscape of understanding the gap theory, fallen angels, and what the earth looked like before Adam. Pastor Bob begins by explaining the gap theory, revealing that we have a beginning, but no end, for God is eternal life and extended that eternal life to every one of us. Also, he exposes that God’s command to Adam and Eve was to replenish the earth, and that was because there were other people on earth before them. He goes on to expose that the pre-Adamic Earth was when Lucifer once ruled the Earth from Eden but he bit more than he could chew and God had him dethroned. He further insists that the pre-Adamic civilization was overseen by Lucifer before Adam was created, sadly Adam still handed over the mantle of leadership to Lucifer through his failure to overcome his temptation.

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Moving on, Pastor Bob enlightens us more about Giants, revealing that they’re the offspring of the sons of God with the daughters of men. Also, these giants existed before the flood and God used the flood to wipe them all, from the face of the earth. Interestingly, Pastor Bob continues to share his thoughts about the UFO narratives, revealing that the Bible never mentioned anything related to UFOs, but believing that they’re obviously demonic and could also be a manifestation of demons and their intention, is to deceive people. Also, he asserts that there is no life on any of the other planets because the Bible never mentioned, nor made reference to any other planet with life in it.

More interestingly, Pastor Bob reinstates that the reason for Lucifer’s fall is out of the love of money, and as we know, it is indeed the root of all sins. He emphasizes that we’re living in the enemy’s territory here on earth because Lucifer still holds all the riches of the earth, which he obtained back after Adam failed, which is why he used riches to tempt Christ, by asking him to bow down to him and all the riches of the earth would be His. He went further to disclose that we’re getting close to the coming of Jesus Christ, and as such all hell has been let loose; what with all the calamities we experience every day. However, the antichrist can not completely take over the earth until the church of Christ is raptured.

Furthermore, Pastor Bob reveals that fear comes from a lack of understanding of the word of God, or applying the word of God; for if we can hold onto the word of God, we will not be shaken by all that is happening around us. He insists that God has a plan and men are not going to stop it; urging every one of us to get our eyes back on the word of God, and back on the coming of Jesus; for although we do not know what’s coming, God does. 


0:00 Introduction

01:59 The Gap Theory

03:34 We Have a Beginning with no End

06:41 Understanding the Pre-Adamic Civilization

09:00 The Giants & Nephilim: What You Need to Know

12:12 The UFO Narrative: What to Make of it

15:38 Is there Life on other Planets? 1

8:11 The Fall of Lucifer: The Main Reason

21:41 Jesus is Coming Soon

24:34 Understanding the End Times

25:19 Conclusion 

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