Discerning TRUTH from LIES—False Signs in the Sky!—The NEW BUILDING UPDATE!

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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z takes us on a tour of our ministry center and the progress made so far in the refurbishment, since its acquisition. We’re excited about all that we can do with our newly acquired building and also grateful to all our partners for making this possible. The only way to give, partner, or support our project is to visit our official website https://josephz.com/.

Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below: https://linktr.ee/zministries

Moving on, Joseph gets to the business of the day, teaching us how we can discern truth from lies. He begins by making us understand that we can come to Jesus as we are, but we must not remain the way we are; rather we must surrender our lives to Him and allow Him to change our ways through His word. He urges us to be keener on the word of God, for God does not want us to become prey to deception. He goes further to teach that one of the signs that will come during the end times is deception, just as the book of Mathew 24 warns us to take caution so as not to fall into deception.

Similarly, Joseph brings to our understanding that persecution is part of the price to pay for serving Jesus, and if we’re not experiencing any of that, that would mean that we’re not doing enough for the kingdom of God. Also, he reveals that the easiest way to become susceptible to deception is by becoming lukewarm instead of constantly renewing our minds with the word of God. On the other hand, Joseph proceeds further to enlighten us, revealing that the UFO/UAP narrative is a tech, project blue beam, holographic technology, or truly real events projected through demonic manipulation. Also, he insists that any of these events could have been powered by AI because a lot of events could look real when they’re fake, owing to advanced AI technology.

Additionally, Joseph continues to educate us, explaining that the kingdom of God wants to manifest into the natural, and so is the kingdom of darkness. He discloses that the veil between the spirit and the natural is becoming thinner and we've begun to see that the spirit realm is beginning to manifest into the natural. He also draws our attention to Christian mysticism and urges us to fill our minds with the word of God in order to stay safe from this deception. He then prays for us, speaking life over us, and our children; declaring also, the power of God over our minds.


0:00 Introduction

12:55 Repent to Repair

17:54 Come to Jesus & Be Renewed

19:24 Be Keener about God’s Word

20:51 End Times Signs: Mathew

24 22:40 Persecution: A Prize to Pay for Our Faith

25:14 Deception & Immaturity

29:45 UFO/UAP Narratives

34:35 The Downside of AI

37:12 The Spiritual & Natural Realms

40:08 Christian Mysticism

42:17 Conclusion 

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