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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to black budgets, underground tunnels, and cities that people know nothing about, but are built with public funds. He shares a video clip that details the nature of what we’re dealing with, insisting that a lot of billions of dollars have gone into most of these hidden projects. Again, he shares another video clip that exposes this tunnel technology spanned across the US, and a detailed clip explaining the black budget.

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Moving on, Joseph also brings exposure to underground cities that are being funded by evil entities, which serve as a hideout for our most prominent political figures when things get heated in the country. He believes that there is more happening underground than we know about; disclosing also, that there’ll be a “reveal” that will involve alien entities and things in subterranean tunnels. He goes further to insist that there’ll be more revealing in space, which he believes is one of the last days' deceptions.

In addition, Joseph insists once again that there are no such things as aliens, but there are demonic entities hiding behind this narrative to deceive people. He prays for more exposure to these kinds of corruption and for the truth to come out. He binds also, the wicked, demonic forces trying to deceive the masses, and cause them to wonder. He then urges us to read the word of God to have our minds renewed and not succumb to the fear and intimidation of the enemy.


0:00 Introduction

02:22 Underground Tunnel Narrative

08:22 Tunnel Technology

11:06 Underground Cities & the Black Budget

19:33 A Big Reveal: Alien Entities

20:13 Deception: Mechanism of Control

22:02 Where Does the Black Budget Go?

22:43 What We Must Do

30:17 Conclusion