Prophetic Update: WARFARE at SEA! Rising global tensions—WHAT is the SPIRIT SAYING!!

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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z walks us down memory lane of his past prophecies, beginning with the one aired on July 12, 2021, where he revealed that there would be ocean activities involving boats, and sub-ships. He goes further to insist that, there would be war games in the ocean that may eventually lead to a conflict. In a CNN news broadcast on October 23, 2023, we see this issue being raised involving China’s ambitious moves to dominate seas and oceans which has gained them a warning from the US and Australia. Also, on August 15, 2023, he insisted on this prophecy, exposing that there are war games at sea that may eventually lead to conflicts between nations.

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Moving on, Joseph recounts his prophecy of October 17, 2023, where he still insisted on ships coming across the ocean, colliding in the water, and indulging in war games. He went further to reveal that there will be a challenge with oil rigs in his broadcast of July 14, 2022. In this same broadcast, he reveals that young politicians shall rise to band together and push back against the corruption in the land, while also warning us to watch out for a storm. Again, in his broadcast of October 23, 20223, he raised a concern about how quickly the recent pressing issues that took place have been brushed under the carpet, ranging from the Maui fire to the missing children, and the rest. In that same broadcast, he also revealed the identity of some individuals that may be imposed on us for the upcoming elections.

Similarly, Joseph raises an eyebrow at how AI has not been in the mainstream media for a while now. Believing that it’s supposed to be at the forefront of our major concerns, given the gravity of the danger it portends for humanity. He also shared the many risks of artificial intelligence, because it’s not so much about the AI but about who’s programming it and their intentions. Further into this broadcast, we learned more about his broadcast of October 25, 2023, where he revealed that UFO/UAP narratives will run rampant in the scene, but warned us that these events are largely a tech, holographic technology, or project blue beam which he believes have been handy in creating all the events that people have, for so long believed to be UFOs. He also exposed that this UFO narrative could also be real, in the sense that, fallen angels are now running wild, manifesting through a lot of mediums and ways.

Furthermore, he revisited his broadcast of October 26, 2023, where he brought our attention to underground tunnels and black budgets that are receiving large amounts of money used for underground cities and many more that the masses know nothing about. He also believed that there’s more going on, underground, that the public is not aware of. He went further to share his broadcast of September 16, 2023, where he made a prophecy about Israel prior to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that took place recently. 


0:00 Introduction

02:13 World War III?

08:02 Challenges with Oil Rigs 

15:55 Upcoming Elections: What to Expect

20:15 Artificial Intelligence: Risks Involved

26:49 UFOs/UAPs: What You Need to Know

32:54 Underground Tunnel Technology

41:37 Underground Cities

49:38 Hidden Black Budgets

54:44 Israel’s March & New Precedent

55:25 Conclusion