FULL DISCLOSURE: Truth Behind the Covid Vaccine!

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In today’s Full Disclosure, Joseph Z and Ryan divulge the truth behind the Covid 19 vaccine and a lot of other issues that are prevalent in our nation today. They raised concerns about how the vaccine was politicized and used on people without adequate research and trials; believing also, that there’s more to it than meets the eye, especially when we consider the way it was forced down people’s throats. Joseph shares a video clip of a woman who tried to warn the general public about the danger this vaccine posed and how the government was going to force the masses to take the vaccine or face dire consequences. Again, Ryan raises alarm over those running the WHO and also, how certain individuals who are pushing for population control suddenly became interested in becoming farmers who would be producing the food we eat. 

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Again, Joseph shares another video of a woman voicing her concern over how people suddenly collapse or fall over since the covid 19 vaccine was administered to people. She attributes it to the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. According to her, the nanotechnology that has been injected into people in the name of a vaccine reacts badly with the 5G network, which causes everyone who has it in them to react in a spasmodic way; causing them to suddenly fall over as though their movement was suddenly constricted. Also, she warns that this is still the beginning of what’s to come, urging us all to stand up to defend ourselves from the murderous nefarious people behind this evil. Ryan admits that this is very infuriating, although it’s not everybody that got the vaccine, is experiencing this, but all the people who experienced this kind of sudden death got the vaccine. 

Similarly, Ryan continues to observe that the fact that the Vaccine was free means that people are paying for it in another way. In spite of this, he believes that people are beginning to stand up for themselves, what with how a lot of people refuse to wear the compulsory masks and subscribing to doing what they believe is good for them and not what the government insists they must do. Moving on, Joseph shares his views about the nation’s political future; revealing that he has seen several visions of Newsome and Michelle Obama running for the presidency, urging us to pray fervently to avert this as the aforementioned candidates are “a chip of the old block”. Also, Ryan exposes the state of Newsome’s county, revealing that his streets are littered with drug addicts and as such, is unfit to take the reigns of our nation, what with how delicate our nation has become, and in urgent need of redemption. 

In addition, Joseph shares his vision of God’s call for his life, urging us to only go where God has called us to be. More interestingly, Ryan observes that the World Order agenda is failing and that, although everything going on is unpleasant; it’s encouraging us all to stand up, push back harder, and go out to win souls for Jesus. Lastly, they pray for every one of us, declaring favor, and life over us all; praying also against fear,  but that we all move in power to take charge of our lives and our nation.