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“Your greatest protection is in the Lord Jesus”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z delves into the Ten Cities prophecy, the attacks, and the things that want to manifest with the cells due to our broken borders. He begins by sharing a video clip about the New World order by the WEF organization, insisting that the spirit of the antichrist is trying to push its way into the world through the nefarious agenda of the WEF. He goes on to reveal that the Ten Cities prophecy is symbolic, and has to do with the difficulty that will arise in the coming months, spearheaded by a thirst for the world to burn, by nefarious characters behind the scenes. In spite of this, he believes that there'll be light in the darkness ahead, that will push against everything that’s going on in the land.

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Again, Joseph exposes that there will be foreign adversaries on US soil that’ll penetrate through the sea. He also warns that there’s an evil plan to cause a complete collapse of the society. Moving on, he shares another video clip showing how people are beginning to stand up to individuals who are believed to be the reason why our nation is taking a nose dive in recent times. He then employs the word of God from Psalm 27:1-6 to reassure us of God’s protection over us, for if the Lord is our Light and salvation, who shall we be afraid of?

He goes further to share with us again, the vision he had about a tornado, but in the midst of the chaos, there was a shelter where anyone who ran to it was saved. Interpreting this, he reassures us that, although the time of darkness shall come, all who run to God for shelter shall be saved. Again, he brings us back to the word of God in Psalm 27, reassuring us that God will never desert us, even if our own family deserts us. In addition, Joseph prays for us all, declaring life into our flesh, and mind, and for our eyes to see clearly. He goes further to pray for strength and for the spirit of might upon us all.


0:00 Introduction

01:57 The Evil Agenda

03:16 Ten Cities(Decapolis)

05:55 Light in Darkness & One More Round

13:46 Hillary Clinton & a Concerned Citizen: Video Clip

17:05 Collision of Kingdoms

19:00 Psalm 27:1-6: The Lord is my Light & Salvation

21:02 Be Confident in Christ

23:46 Joseph’s Vision: The Tornado & a Shelter

30:50 Bind Yourself with God’s Word

34:04 A Million for a Billion

34:58 Conclusion