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“Many that once stood strong, proud, and tall will find themselves on their knees”. “Even the mighty will stumble at this time”.

In this broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to the locations of foreign cells on US soil. He begins by raising concern over our open borders which has led to the influx of people who have no love for our land, nor respect what she represents. He goes on to insist on his ten cities’ prophecy that he made weeks back, which entails the burning of ten cities at the same time. He further reveals that there will be exposure and judgment that will begin soon in the house of God, which will later extend to the world and the nations all around it. Also, he discloses that the Red Church will rise up amidst all that will happen, to push back against all the nefarious activities taking place all over the world.

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that a powerful figure shall rise politically and that, a time of expelling shall come upon us, which will expel evil and all semblances of it, out of our land. Interestingly, he shares a video clip of an interview exposing how our protection agency has no data on the influx of people into the country, nor keeps a record of all the data regarding who comes in and who goes out; which is quite troubling. Because it would mean that we could admit our enemies without being aware of it.

Furthermore, Joseph discloses that there’s an anointing to break the back of hell’s economy, and also a spirit of might that will rise up to break us out of the grip of the Babylonian system. He went further to expose that there’ll be another fight over oil, tumultuous conflicts, and collisions at sea that’ll begin soon. Also, he prophesies that the capsule will be found, and a new form of avenue shall arise, likewise a new wave of communication. He goes further to prophesy, declaring that strength will rise, one more round, with assurances of provision for us all who trust in the Lord. He then prays for us all, declaring that God is making a way for us to break out of every ugly situation; for though it was dark in Egypt, there was light in Goshen. 


0:00 Introduction

05:10 Decapolis: Ten Cities Aflame

07:00 Open Borders: A Call for Concern

09:38 Exposure & Judgment: Rise of the Red Church

13:04 This is not the End

14:03 Nobody Knows Anything?

21:41 Prophecies: Confrontation b/w Light & Darkness

22:46 Spiritual & Physical Siege

26:50 More Prophecies: Buried Capsule Opened

29:00 You Will Rise!

34:40 Conclusion