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“Strength will rise and your enemies will scatter”. “There are many more for you than are, against you”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to a water crisis that we may witness soon, recall that he had earlier prophesied about this, in one of his live broadcasts in the past. He informs us that there will be an “uncovering” of most of the hidden plans of the nefarious characters in the world, soon. He makes us understand that, the reason for everything happening all over the world today is a demonic quest for control, to have a utopian world where everything is perfect and a few individuals play god and run things, the way they want. He goes further to share the sense he has about a way-making provision and covenant blessing; also insisting that God will spare His people in these difficult times.

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Moving on, Joseph insists that the obedient ones will have God’s provision. He goes ahead to remind us once more, that America will go through dark times, but there’ll be victory on the other side of this. He further discloses that there’ll be one more round of God’s intervention, which will bring with it, justice, and a whole new era of culture and season. He urges us to draw closer to Jesus for God will make a way for people who will go all out, to preach the Gospel to all nations. Again, he believes that there’s light shining in the darkness, which will also shine on our paths, to aid us in reaching a million for a billion.

Similarly, Joseph employs the word of God from the Book of John 1:5, to inform us that we are not to be overtaken by darkness, for light shines in the darkness and darkness can not comprehend it. Also, the Book of Galatians 1:4 reminds us that God’s desire for our lives is to deliver us from this present evil age. Again, he proceeds further by sharing his vision of September 16, where God revealed to him that, “what’s happening in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”; at that very time, there was a cyber attack going on in Vegas. Also, in that vision, God showed him that Israel would march, and that march would set a new precedent that is now playing out before our eyes.

In addition, Joseph insists that, in the middle of what’s happening right now, there’ll be a new form of awareness and revival that will bring in, another wave of victory. There’ll also be more exposure beginning from the church, alongside a great move of God, coming soon. He reassures us that we’re called to overcome this present evil age, for a man or woman with a revelation is not at the mercy of a culture gone mad. He speaks the peace, favor of Christ over us, declaring strength and victory for us all; for greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. He further declares order in our minds and prays that we have peace that passes all understanding. 


0:00 Introduction

02:17 The Uncovering: Real Issues

05:15 Kansas Gender Maker Change

07:04 Way-Making Provision

09:25 Provision for the Obedient

12:00 The Humble Shall be Lifted

13:24 A Million for a Billion

16:05 John 1:5 The Light of God

19:35 Joseph’s Vision of Vegas

22:26 The Prophecy of Israel

30:58 Conclusion