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“The Spirit of Elijah will break the curse”. “God will use what seems foolish to the world to shame the wise”.

What is coming in the next hours and seasons for our nation? Find out in today’s live broadcast as Joseph Z reveals where things are headed. He begins by revealing that there will be a disruption in the mail system, in the way packages are delivered, and in how things operate. He goes on to reveal that, there will be an inducement of climate issues; also a burning in air, land, and sea. He went further to disclose a revelation he had about an asteroid approaching the Earth, and in the middle of it, there was a diversion that restricted it from creating an impact.

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Moving on, Joseph shares a video clip of the next game plan for some of the superpowers, which he believes will create metallic substances in our atmosphere, that will later create issues with our climate. Again, he shares another video clip of Newsome falling over a little child while playing basketball. He interprets this to be prophetic, revealing that there’ll be a stumbling of the hidden evil plans for the nation. Also, he raises concern once more, about the Maui children, questioning their whereabouts since the fire incident, which seems to have been swept under the carpet. Once more, he makes a prophetic revelation about the leader of a certain nation, who has traitors in his government, who seek after his life.

Again, Joseph continues to prophesy, revealing that, just as the German language failed to become our official language like our enemies wanted in WWII, so also will the plans for the US to embrace the Chinese language fail, for we all can not speak Chinese. Also, he reveals that Ishmael will have a great day soon, and there'll be justice, alongside shocking exposure to big ministries. Once more, he discloses that a new Prayer movement is coming, which will create lasting results. He further insists that the humble will be lifted and the pride of men will be brought low, for God gives more grace to the humble; also, the outcast shall become the broadcast.

In addition, Joseph condemns those in the body of Christ who charge people for healing, or prophecy, which are gifts that God has given them freely, for the sole benefit of His church. He went further to call ministries who have hidden sins in them to repentance; reminding us not to be comfortable in our sins, just because the grace of God abounds. He urges us to judge ourselves and allow God to walk through us for our victory to come. Again, he insists that there’ll be a new level of shaking to America, but amidst this, there’ll be another round of fire coming. He then releases the spirit of strength over us all, assuring us that there’ll be a rightsizing in the prayer movement. Reassuringly also, he informs us that there’ll be supernatural provision for us and strength to navigate through these difficult times; for Jesus is still Lord, even in the times of adversity.


0:00 Introduction

05:30 Induced Climate Issues

20:20 Extreme Justice & Exposure

27:22 The Age of Humility

37:17 1 John 1:9: For the Believer?

47:22 Spring Time 2024: What to Expect

52:55 Prophecy about Texas

1:04:15 Supernatural Provision

1:11:45 Spirit of Elijah: Curse Breaker

1:25:55 A Million for a Billion

1:31:34 Watchmen journalism

1:42:50 Conclusion