Prophetic Update: What is Coming Next!

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In this broadcast, Joseph Z revisits his broadcast of October 19, 2023, where he brought to our attention, the rainstorm that hit Mecca recently; making us understand that whenever a nation goes against Israel, there are usually dire consequences that manifest through weather or climatic circumstances. He moved on to his broadcast of October 24, 2023, where he discussed the gap theory with Pastor Yandian. Pastor Yandian also made us understand that we have everlasting life, because we have a beginning without an end, just as God who is eternal and has no beginning nor an end. He went on to reveal that satan ruled the earth from Eden before Adam, but got thrown down after he rebelled against God, and Adam took over until he lost again to the devil.

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Moving on, Joseph recounts his broadcast of October 30, 2023, where he brought awareness to the “Agenda 2030”, which aims at total control of the world by a few individuals. He went further, revealing that there are foreign cells on US soil at the moment because of our porous border. Also, he disclosed that there would be a burning of ten cities, and a sympathy for evil, to such an extent that people would make excuses for evil and the people behind it. However, amidst all these, he insists that there would be light in the darkness and that righteousness would continue to rise. Again, he exposed that there would be a financial crisis coming on the horizon, alongside a complete collapse of society.

Similarly, Joseph brings us back to the exchange that Hillary Clinton had with a concerned citizen about freedom of speech. Despite all that is going on, he insists that there will be a rightsizing and a collision of kingdoms between light and darkness. He went further to revisit his broadcast of October 31, 2023, where he revealed the location of foreign cells on US soil; also revealing that our porous border is the reason why there are lots of sympathizers of wickedness all over our land today. He insists once more, that there’ll be fires that will occur in different places all at the same time.

Furthermore, in his broadcast of November 1, 2023, he shared that there will be a water crisis that’ll hit the land soon. Once more, he makes us understand that when things have gone as far as they have today, it’s because there’s an uncovering happening, which is bringing every hidden agenda to light. He insists that if the nation can continue standing up, we will be able to push back against all the evil that is taking place currently all over the world. 


0:00 Introduction

04:05 Pre-Adamic Earth

05:49 The Agenda 2030

08:16 Open Broder & The Cells 

10:28 Sympathy for Evil

13:14 WWIII in Motion: Ships in the Sea

19:02 The Exchange B/w Hillary & a Concerned Citizen

22:41 Location of Cells Across the US

27:19 Decapolis(Ten Cities Burning)

33:09 Rise of Red Church

37:39 The Uncovering 

40:03 Conclusion