Global Escalation AGAINST ONE NATION—Their Agenda is Happening!!

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“In this world, you’ll have troubles, but be of Good Cheer, for I have overcome the world”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z exposes the spirit of the antichrist that’s on rampage at the moment in our nation’s capital, as we see thousands of people surprisingly marching in support of Palestine. He insists that this is a demonic assault against God’s people and that the ultimate character behind all of this is China. He discloses that they’re employing this mechanism of war to crumble the US and this is because their economy has taken a nose dive in recent times and is desperate to drag the US down with them. He goes on to reveal that the squad will be dismembered, and made an example of; because the Lord is serious about rescuing us from this present predicament.

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Moving on, Joseph brings our attention to Iraq’s call to close the US embassy in their country and expel all Americans from military bases. He makes us understand that we’re seeing Mathew 24 play out before our eyes; regardless of this, there’s a momentum of anointing that moves hell out of the way coming for us all. Also, he reveals what is to come in the coming year, insisting that there’s a change coming that will unseat wicked powers, alongside bringing exposure to lots of places, beginning from the church. Once more, he insists that the anointing of God will be upon us, which will induce provision in our lives and cause us to outgrow our captivity. He then makes us understand that if we keep standing for Jesus, there will be victory, and we can rise above the battle.

In addition, Joseph informs us that the Lord is calling us to rise and shine, for this is the time for us to be clear-eyed and minded to challenge our opposition to move and not crumble before them or under their weight. Again, he leads us to the word of God from the Book of John 14:1 to remind us about God’s command, which is to let not our hearts be troubled. Also, the Book of Philippians 4:4-6 instructs us to rejoice in the Lord always, and be anxious for nothing at all; but in everything by prayer and supplication, table our request before God and His peace will guard our heart. He urges us to cast our cares upon our Lord Jesus and keep holding onto the word of God for strength and victory. 


0:00 Introduction

02:15 World War Z: Depiction of Israel’s Current War

06:28 Video Clip of the Real Agenda

10:44 The Squad will be Squashed

14:43 Iraq: Call to Close the US Embassy

16:45 Mathew 24 at Play 

21:03 Fear the Lord or Serve the Enemy

25:52 Wealth Transfer

32:02 John 14:1

39:24 Great Power of Anointing

43:30 Would You Stay Small in Your Eyes?

48:39 Conclusion