Purity the KEY FOR REVIVAL! w/ Dr. Doug Weiss

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“America is losing its authority because we’ve become immoral, and because of this immorality, we’re financially out of control”.

In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z features Dr. Doug Weiss and they discussed purity, as the key to revival. Dr. Weiss proceeds by responding to Joseph’s question about the obstacles that have made revival impossible in recent times. He makes us understand that God desires revival and wants every man to cry out to Him, but the reason why this isn’t happening is because of the Jezebel spirit that has invaded the church. He goes on to inform us that our forefathers never intended for a non-Christian to hold public office and that the church is supposed to have dominion over the arts, science, entertainment, and finances because it’s our World. But because the Church of today has made room for the spirit of Jezebel, sexual immorality now runs rampant in the minds of many and has thus caused a major hindrance to revival in the Church today.

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Moving on, Dr. Weiss shares his experiences as a Minister of God and the good works that the Lord continues to do, around the world, through him. He makes us realize the grievous consequences of sexual immorality and the damage it creates in the lives of those who are victims of it directly or indirectly. Also, he goes further to reveal that America is still God’s favorite weapon from the kingdom of God’s perspective, and regardless of where we find ourselves today, revival is still coming to America; because when America is strong, the world is strong. Again, he insists that he is optimistic about God’s move to restore America. Moreso, he urges us all to rise to rule our school boards, uprooting every element of pornography in our school system, that has corrupted the lives of our children.

Additionally, Dr. Weiss brings to our understanding that Jesus not only asked us to go to Church but also charged us to go to Jerusalem; which means that we’re expected to make disciples of the whole world and not just our immediate environments. More importantly, he urges those of us who are guilty of sexual immorality to seek deliverance by confessing our sins to a brother in Christ and get assistance on how to overcome this addiction; because when one takes responsibility for one’s actions, one begins to heal. He then prays for us all, asking for God’s blessings upon us and all those who take the brave step to heal from sexual immorality, today. 


0:00 Introduction

01:52 Why Has the American Church Become Weak?

03:11 Hindrances to Revival

07:21 Why Churches Have No Authority

09:58 Clean: What You Need to Know

12:18 Sexual Immorality: Major Hindrance to Revival

15:33 The Church & the School Boards

17:33 Make Disciples of the Whole World

18:32 What You Must Do to Be Clean

22:20 Prayer Against Sexual Immorality

26:52 Conclusion