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“You are not at the mercy of this fallen, wicked culture; you are the majority”!

Today’s live broadcast explores America’s Valley of Decision, alongside the vacant seats of removed elites. Joseph Z begins by alerting us about a spirit that’s trying to back us against the wall of intimidation, but we must stand up and challenge it to move. He goes on to condemn all the lame controversies about Israel, insisting that the word of God is clear about the land He allocated to His chosen people, and there should be no debate about that. Again, he frowns at the way America is considering worthless idols by abandoning the root of the foundation of what we’re called to be. Also, he shares his past prophecy of September 28, 2020, where he revealed that there will be unprecedented rulings and that justice would come for the unborn; revealing also, that planned parenthood would be shaken and rocked.

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Moving on, Joseph shares another of his past prophecies made on June 1, 2022, where he revealed that there would be a great earthquake that would herald a shaking and a quaking against the ungodly. Interestingly, this prophecy was confirmed as we saw a few months later, that the court ruled against some bills that were against the unborn. Again, he goes further to alert us that the Antichrist will first bring world peace before he brings a symphony of destruction. He will also seek to be worshiped, putting himself above every belief system and God Himself. Once more, he warns that the global wicked powers have something up their sleeves involving a nuclear war or activity on a global scale.

Furthermore, Joseph continues to prophesy, revealing that most of the nefarious characters will not live to see what is coming, because there will be a vacancy in their agenda. He goes further to disclose that there will be a change in the Hammer and Sickle country, alongside a sign that will show up regarding Trump, which will grant us all a sneak peek of what the next decade will look like. Once more, he insists that there will be more cells all over the country that will impact cyberspace, which will, in turn, affect travel, airlines, and power. Again, he informs us once more about God’s promise of a wealth transfer; employing the word of God from Palm 2:1-3 to elaborate on God’s awareness of everything happening, and how he laughs at the evil plotters, knowing that they’re plotting in vain. In addition, Joseph prays for us, declaring healing upon every one of us who’s ailing on any part of our body; declaring also the light of God, and clarity upon us. 


0:00 Introduction

04:38 America & her Worthless Idols

05:36 Prophecy of Sep. 28, 2020: Unprecedented Rulings

07:58 June 1, 2022: The Great Earthquake

10:48 God is Longsuffering

12:03 More Wars & Rumours of Wars

13:11 The Antichrist: What You Need to Know

18:11 They Will not Live to See It

23:20 Tactical Nukes: Decapolis

26:53 Land & Wealth Transfer

31:01 Psalm 2:3-5

33:35 Conclusion