Prophetic Word—What is COMING!

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“I have made a way for you in the darkness, and I will watch over your children and your family, for I am, the great, I am”.

In this live stream, Joseph Z reveals what is coming next in our nation and globally. He begins by informing us that we’re about to plunge into a time of challenge that will be characterized by pressure on the body of Christ and the world at large; which will eventually escalate into the coming year and season. He reveals that the agenda is to make hell’s economy a norm; putting everyone in a digital cage for the sole aim of control. Also, he brings to our awareness, that everything happening and cascading towards us, are symphonies of distraction, designed to distract everyone from the real issues; but despite this, he believes that the spirit of Elijah is awake in the middle of this darkness. He references the word of God from the Book of Psalm 25:14 to enlighten us further about how the secret of the Lord is in those who fear Him. This means that those who walk with the Lord in His economy will enjoy the Lord’s supernatural provision and protection.

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Moving on, Joseph prays for deliverance upon all those who have been tied down by the Babylonian system. He proceeds further, to instruct us to obey the call of God in our lives, to be at locations where God expects us to be; believing that God will break us out of any containment that tries to limit us. He goes on to inform us that this is not the end, for there is more for us than is against us, and if we stay close to God, we’ll have strength for the best seasons of our lives. He further reveals that the anointing to bring light into darkness is upon us and we will discover the best days of our lives. He went on to reveal that, although there’s difficulty coming, these days will be the best days of our lives.

Moreso, Joseph reminds us that when we put the kingdom of God first, every other thing will be added unto us; for the secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him. Interestingly, he enlightens us further, revealing that covenants are exactly God’s empowerment to obey what he has called us to do in the middle of serving our generation. He urges us to have no fear of the darkness because we feed the darkness around us when we fear it, but having the peace of God upon us, even amid darkness glorifies God. He reassures us more, reminding us that trials don’t always last, but we do.

Furthermore, Joseph concludes with these words of wisdom that says, “A man or woman with a revelation is not at the mercy of a culture gone mad”. He declares that we’re not at the mercy of this wicked world, for we’re leading, the head and not the tail; because greater is He that is in us than he, that is in the world. He urges us to make the Lord rich by bringing more souls into the kingdom of God; for this life is a test for eternity, and the Lord wants us to operate in faith. He urges us to quit fearing darkness, but rise to challenge it. He then prays for us all, speaking the favor of God on us, while confronting also, the spirit of fear and intimidation in our lives.  


0:00 Introduction

02:31 Plunging Time of Challenge

06:37 Unprecedented Revival

09:00 Understanding God’s Economy

09:31 Joseph’s Pikes Peak Experience

13:55 Don’t Neglect God’s Call

15:00 Wealth Transfer: A Way in Darkness

18:33 God’s Anointing is Upon You

21:30 The Lord Needs You

24:46 What Faith Means to the Lord’s Faithfuls

28:16 God Will Not Forsake You

30:00 Conclusion