Prophetic Update: Their World Wide Plan The LlGHT IN GOSHEN!!

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In this live stream, Joseph Z recounts his broadcast of September 4, 2023, where he brought our attention to the big agenda of a few elites whose sole aim is to dominate and control the world. He brings awareness to a plan geared towards enclosing the world’s population into a digital cage, for the sole purpose of control. He also shared a video clip aired nine years ago, that details everything that we’ve experienced recently, ranging from the laser technology that was suspected to have been used to induce the Maui fire, to weather control which is believed to have an absolute impact on agriculture, commerce and the military. Again, he warned us not to get the COVID-19 vaccine because of its dangerous compound that’s been proven to be harmful to humans.

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Moving on, Joseph revisits his interaction of November 10, 2023, with Pastor Shannon where the latter shared the good news of Joseph’s prophecies coming to pass in his life; at the same time asking him, what the future holds for America. Joseph responds with the events he sees coming for America, which includes hope on the horizon; but at the same time, revealing what he sees about ten cities burning. He also insists that America must repent to repair, and just as God rescued Nineveh, He can also do the same for us if we repent. Once more, he revisits his broadcast of November 6, 2023, where he revealed that there’s a spirit of the antichrist rampant, hell-bent on unleashing demonic assault against God’s people. We will later come to learn also, that China has been making great moves to draw America into four different wars, with at least one of the wars being with a terrorist organization.

More interestingly, Joseph reassures us of a great hope in the middle of the darkness that has encompassed the land. Also, he brings to our attention Iraq’s call to close down the US embassy and expel all Americans from their military bases. He further made us understand that Mathew 24 is currently playing out before our eyes, and during this time, he believes we will be ushered into WWIII. Regardless, he insists that the anointing of God will bring exposure to everything and also will usher in supernatural provision for all those who trust in the Lord our God.

Once more, he revisits his broadcast of November 8, 2023, where he revealed that there’s a spirit parading around to stop people from standing up to challenge this evil culture; using crisis fatigue and instilling a lackadaisical attitude towards all that is going on. He further insists that America and all other nations must repent to repair. Again, he discloses that there’s still grace upon our nation and that the spirit of the Lord will never forsake us; however many people are considering worthless idols, thereby forsaking their mercy. He then warns that the wars and rumors of wars will only increase; urging us to stay alert and in prayer. 


0:00 Introduction

01:22 The Game Plan: Ultimate Control

05:50 Weather Control with Technology?

12:31 Drastic Effects of Covid 19 Vaccine

16:00 Pastor Shannon & Joseph Z’s Interaction

21:23 You Will Outgrow Your Yoke

24:50 Demonic Assault on God’s People

28:34 China’s Overzealous Ambition

33:33 Surprising Victory

37:16 What is Iraq Up To?

48:12 Unprecedented Rulings

54:10 Conclusion