Prophecy LIVE w/ Special Guest Kerrick Butler!

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“Faith is a lifestyle that pleases God”. “If your faith won't move your mouth, it won't move your mountain”.

In today’s live broadcast, we have Kerrick Butler in the studio, a special guest who has allowed us to drink from his knowledge of the word of God. Kerrick begins with the word of God taken from the Book of Luke 18:2 to teach us the importance of praying without ceasing, and he also makes us understand that Jesus is keen about seeing a persistent faith when He comes back the second time. He explains Faith to be a belief, confidence, conviction of the truth, and a belief with the predominant idea of trust. Again, he brings to our understanding that persistent faith manifests God’s power, and it’s our job to supply the faith, but God’s job to supply the power; for God is always thrilled to meet our faith with his power.

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Moving on, Kerrick informs us that faith is continually moving, and when we study the word, believing also, in the promises of Christ, we admit faith into our hearts. He goes further to urge us to read at least a chapter of the Bible aloud daily because faith comes from hearing and when we hear the word, we must endeavor to believe the word. He employs the word of God from the Book of Mark 4:3, to outline the importance of not just hearing the word but receiving it and allowing it to be rooted in our hearts. Again, he makes us understand that affliction or tribulation is pressure brought by circumstance, while persecution is pressure brought by people.

Moreso, Kerrick encourages us not to give up in the face of pressure. He further interpreted the deceitfulness of riches, explaining that this means believing lies about money. Also, he explains that lust and desires are among the other things that get in the way of what God has called us to do and can choke the word of God in our lives. When we receive God’s word in our hearts we become dangerous to the kingdom of darkness, which is why the devil is very keen on stealing the word of God from us, using the afflictions of life. Once more, he employs the word of God from the Book of Hebrews 4:2 to make us understand that, not mixing the word of God with our faith will lead to us not profiting from the word.

In addition, Kerrick continues to enlighten us about what to do to become persistent in our faith; employing the word of God from the Book of 1 Timothy 1:18 to elaborate on the importance of utilizing the prophecy of God in our lives and making it a part of us, through speaking it over our lives consistently. Again, he instructs that we must have the love of God in our hearts if we want our faith to be persistent in our lives, and cautions about letting anger take control of our lives because anger breeds destruction. Once more, he charges us to understand how much God loves us, because it strengthens our faith in Him, and drives away fear from our lives. He then prays for us all, declaring healing over our bodies, and for miracles over our finances, businesses, and relationships.


0:00 Introduction

02:46 Luke 18:2: Pray Without Ceasing

05:24 Last Days: What Jesus Wants From You

06:28 What is Faith?

09:42 What You Must Do When You Receive The Word

13:05 Affliction & Persecution: Meaning

16:03 Cares of the World & Deceitfulness of Riches

20:14 Mix God’s Word with Faith

22:48 How To Make Your Faith Persistent

31:51 Hebrews 11:1: Interpretation of Faith

36:18 Wait on the Lord

37:38 Conclusion