Prophecy LIVE w/ Special Guest Alan Didio

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“Politics is a reflection of a spiritual warfare”. “Those in political power are not the ones in control of the future of America, but those who have cultural power”.

It’s a week of special guests! Today, we are graced with the presence of a very special guest, Alan Didio, and he brings exposure to the recent happenings around us and in the body of Christ. Alan begins by sharing a video clip of “45”, where he granted an interview regarding his choice of a vice, in the forthcoming presidential race. He goes on to teach that when we pray for revival, it’s important to have a prophet who informs us of the message the Lord for us, a great high priest, who is our Lord Jesus Christ, and a king, who would do, that, which is right in the eyes of the Lord. Also, he reminds us that we need someone who will not stand in the way of the prophets, to rule our nation.

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Moving on, Alan charges us to pray for those in authority, and for the spirit of God to invade every aspect of our society. He goes further to educate us on the importance of running for positions of office in our local communities because it’s a duty of the church to be actively involved in politics. He elaborates further on the importance of the church getting involved in Politics because Politics, according to him, is a reflection of the spiritual warfare that is taking place within the body of Christ. Again, he reveals that there’s a changing of the guard taking place in the body of Christ because we’ve entertained for so long, a bunch of tares instead of growing wheat as expected of us.

Similarly, Alan makes us understand that we’re not supposed to be fans of any candidate or political party, but to hold them accountable for the responsibilities we put in their hands. He insists that we’re not their fans but supervisors and employers; therefore we must demand answers because we shouldn't be afraid of losing, by asking questions. On the other hand, Alan jugs our memory back to Joseph Z’s earlier prophecy on what to expect in the coming year. Recall that in his previous broadcasts, Joseph Z had warned about rumors of war in 2024, a coming magnificent change that’ll change everything, and a great exposure in the church, government, and the entertainment space.

Furthermore, Alan directs us to the Book of Samuel 21 to analyze what we’re seeing currently in the world today. He interprets this verse to be prophetic, cautioning that there are a lot of the people in the body of Christ unaware of the war going on currently and as such are unprepared; also charging everyone to rise to the occasion and not be laid back in the present situation of the world. Once more, he encourages us to dwell together for the kingdom of God, reminding us not to lose heart because we’re assured of victory in Christ Jesus; for greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. 


0:00 Introduction

02:17 Tucker Carlson: Trump’s VP?

04:51 Key Elements Needed for Revival

07:03 Who Has Been Winning?

08:15 Run for Political Offices

11:07 Prophetic Message for the Church

13:21 Changing of the Guards

16:40 Prophecy for 2024

19:50 1 Samuel 21: Prophetic Interpretation of Present Times

22:45 Are You on the Side of David or Saul?

24:18 Corporate Anointing

25:31 Conclusion