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Our special guest on today’s broadcast is Pastor Mark Cowart, and he teaches about the seven mountains of influence. Pastor Mark begins by disclosing that the Mountain of the Lord has been called the mountain of religion, the mountain of worship, or referred to as the Body of Christ. He makes us understand that if there was no Bible, there would be no America because the American foundation is a Christian foundation; and there are Christian principles embedded in our foundation when we dig deeper into our history. He further enumerates the seven mountains to be: the mountains of family, media, government, business, education, celebration, and religion/worship. Also, he reveals where this ideology comes from, and also that, if the body of Christ would impact any culture, it must touch these seven spheres of influence. 

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Moving on, Pastor Mark continues to enlighten us, exposing that when Lucifer was thrown down and succeeded in deceiving Adam, he became the god of this world; encompassing the seven mountains of influence. On the other hand, Jesus has to come down to redeem us by paying the penalty for the sins of mankind, becoming the Passover lamb, and also gaining the keys of death, and hell. He also took back the authority of this world; in that, every one of us who believes in Christ has the authority to take over the seven spheres of influence. 

Similarly, Pastor Mark further explains the meaning of the seven mountains of influence; also disclosing that the inspiration for our three branches of government came from the Book of Isaiah 33:22. Again, he reveals that the Book of Jeremiah 17:9 was the motivation behind the separation of power in our government. Moreso, he further explains that the mountain of the family is where the generation of blessings and curses are passed on, and America has had a generation of blessings passed on to her by our founding fathers. 

Furthermore, Pastor Mark brings to our understanding that the mountain of education represents where truth or lies about God and His creation were taught. Once more, he exposed that the purpose of public education since its inception is to teach children how to read the Bible. He concludes with the word of God taken from the Book of Ephesians 3:10, to elaborate on the importance of making the wisdom of God known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. 


0:00 Introduction

01:55 The Seven Mountains

03:17 Micah 4:1: Mountain of the Lord’s House

06:12 The Inception of the Seven Mountains

09:47 Luke 4:5: What You Need to Know

11:11 Meaning of Worship

13:11 Mountain of Religion

15:41 Inspiration for the Branches of the US Government

17:02 The Mountain of Celebration

20:58 The Mountain of Business

21:27 The Mountain of Education

24:05 Conclusion