Prophecy LIVE w/ Special Guest Pastor Todd Coconato!

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 “Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”.

In today’s live stream, we’re graced with the presence of a special guest, Pastor Todd Coconato. He begins by raising concern about the weariness of many Christians due to the recent ugly incidents we’ve witnessed since the year 2020 but urges us not to lose heart because the end is not here yet. He goes on to share his testimony of how he survived after being stabbed several times, and how God called him to work in His vineyard. He acknowledges the recent plans of the wicked, ranging from the digital cage agenda to systems that have been put in place to usher in the antichrist; but then, he urges us not to be weary but to focus on the promises of God.

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Moving on, Pastor Todd charges us to tune into what God is doing and dig deeper into why He is still giving us more opportunities on earth; to utilize it for God’s kingdom. He reveals that we must understand how to encourage ourselves at these trying times, through prayer, reading His word, and worshiping God, even in difficult moments and circumstances. Also, he teaches us about the importance of having faith in God, reminding us that it’s a daily fight because the devil is always out there targeting those of us who have completely surrendered to Christ. 

Similarly, Pastor Todd explains that when we’re soul winners, we would have no issues with finances, because God is not out of resources for His children. Once more, he charges us to go out there to make disciples of all nations, to occupy the world until the coming of Christ. Again, he brings to our understanding that heaviness and weariness are not of God, for God has not called us to be weak but to be bold for the kingdom. He further explains that we’re called to eternal life and that, we must be like Paul who understood that he was not living for the things of this world, but for the kingdom of God. 

In addition, he informs us that God has awakened much bigger eternally minded reformers who hunger for revival borne out of the difficulties we’ve experienced in the past three years. He employs the word of God from the Book of 1 Corinthians 9:26-27, and Isaiah 40:31 to reassure us of the unction of the spirit of God in our lives. He then urges us to fight the good fight of faith, and not be weary because there will be a renewal and a peace that passes all understanding that’ll settle in our hearts when we persist in our fight. He further informs us that God is disciplining us to come out from among them and to know who we are in Christ. He concludes by praying for every one of us, casting out the spirit of weariness and declaring strength over us all. 


0:00 Introduction

05:03 This is not the End

06:30 Todd’s Miraculous Testimony

09:40 Our Current Realities

11:33 Do Not Be Weary

15:29 Focus on What God is Doing

17:35 Encourage the Saints

20:18 Faith is the Currency

24:17 Living in View of Eternity

28:11 Why Didn't God Overturn the Corrupt System?

33:19 Align With God’s Purpose

36:31 Conclusion