They CANNOT Stop This!—Hidden Manna Prophecy!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z brings our attention to the events going on in the realm of the spirit, and the many expectations from both righteousness and unrighteousness trying to assert themselves on the world. He begins by sharing a video clip of Clark Schwab revealing some of the 2030 WEF agenda, which Joseph believes is geared toward demonic control of the world. Also, he shares another video clip disclosing the plan for fifteen-minute cities, which will create more division between the rich and the poor. He further informs us that we get born again to be a light in darkness, and not to be compromised by the culture; urging us all to rise and push back against the wicked agenda that seeks to destroy the plan God has for the world. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that there is a whole lot of manipulation taking place with our weather and our environment all in a bid to cause fear and anxiety, and at the same time lull people to sleep, so we can’t fight against their evil agenda. Regardless, he reminds us that Christ is coming back and he will cast into the lake of fire all those who are aiding the evil agenda working against God’s ultimate plan for the world. Also, he shares a message God revealed to him in a vision and reassures us with the same words God spoke to him, that although America will witness a downtime, all those who believe in God will be alright and be provided for. 

Similarly, Joseph warns us about things to come, regarding religious wars in the streets of America, and then insists on his earlier prophecy regarding ten cities burning(decapolis). Again, he shares the vision he had at the age of fifteen where God guided him into a lake and instructed him to reach down and grab whatever his hands got hold of and when he did, he picked a precious stone with his name engraved on it by nature. He uses this to remind us that if we don’t get a revelation in the times we are in, we may get caught up in the evil culture. He then brings us to the Book of Revelation 2:17 to inform us of God’s word, which promises to give manna to everyone who overcomes this world and what is to come. 

Additionally, he brings our attention to the news about thousands of people who are now protesting in Madrid, against the current system fueled by the spirit of antichrist. He urges us to repent of our sins, acknowledge Jesus and the revelation of God will set us free from the present evil culture. Once again, he employs the word of God from the Book of Revelation 3:9 to reassure us of God’s love for all those who keep his commands. He reminds us that we’re anointed for such a time as this, and for all of us who overcome and persevere, God promises to preserve and keep us safe. He concludes by praying for us all, speaking life, and the blood of Jesus Christ over us all. 


0:00 Introduction

02:14 WEF Agenda 2030

05:15 Fifteen Minutes Cities

10:07 The Real Agenda

12:53 Jesus Christ is Coming Soon

17:03 You Have a Revelation

23:00 Joseph’s Prophetic Visions

27:53 Revelation 2:17 

30:40 Joseph’s Prophetic Souvenir

33:58 Hidden Manna

38:00 I Will Keep You

39:30 Conclusion