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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings exposure to some issues bordering on discoveries about hell’s location, and a revelation about the Ark of the Covenant. He begins by assuring us that no matter what happens next, we must remember that we have longevity on us and time to outrun our enemies even in the rain. He shares a video clip showing a massive object rising out of the ocean which is believed to be a perma stone. Also, he shares another video clip showing giant earth blubs that have raised a lot of concerns among the science community. However, Joseph believes that those giant blubs are carbons because the Bible mentions that hell is in the belly of the earth as seen in the following scriptures: Jude 1:7, Mathew 25:41, Mark 9:42-48, Mathew 12:40, Ephesians 4:9, Amos 9:2, Isaiah 14:9-15, and Ezekiel 31:17.

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Moving on, Joseph brings our attention to the discovery of Noah's Ark which he believes is a sign, alerting us that we’re coming into the days of Noah. He goes further to reveal that there’ll be an announcement or a proclamation that the Ark of the Covenant has been found, and we should not be taken unawares when we see this in the news. He believes this discovery will be one of the last days' signs to warn us that the coming of Christ is at hand. Also, he insists that the Ark will make the news again and that God will remove the lid of containment from us all. Moreso, the Lord instructs us to look up, for our redemption draws near.

Again, Joseph employs the word of God from the Book of Revelation 4:1 to inform us about god’s revelatory call to “come up higher” and HE would show us things to come. Also, in the Book of Revelation 9, we are informed that the bottomless pit is on the earth and warned about the things to expect during the last days. Once more, he leads us to the book of Revelation 16:12-13 to educate us about the River Euphrates issue and what its recent dry-up represents. He interprets that the three unclean spirits' symbolism could be alien entities that would come out to deceive the people with signs and wonders to recruit armies for armageddon.

Furthermore, he reassures us that whatever has been stolen from us will receive a recompense, for it is time to fulfill the great commission before the end comes. He insists that the end is not here yet and that there’s one more round of opportunity before the end comes. He then prays for us, speaking life over us, and asking God for strength for every one of us. He insists once more, that there’ll be a time of great hope, a pushback against darkness, and the power of God breaking us out of our containment and taking us where we are supposed to be.