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“You will shine brightly, for, those who look to Him are made radiant”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to plans underway to cut people off from internet connection, which he believes are false flags designed to keep humanity under control. He clarifies that false flags are geared towards silencing dissenting voices and that the war we now witness could have been avoided if not for false flag agendas; because false flags are fireworks of Babylonian captivity or the Babylonian Luciferian system. He further shares a video clip showing a loud ovation during Trump’s entrance into the UFC 295 contest arena. Also, he douses the flame of controversy of certain individuals being referred to as the antichrist, revealing that the antichrist would first bring world peace when his reign begins, he will also unite every world religion and pose as god unto the people while also demanding to be worshipped. 

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Moving on, Joseph asserts that no one fits the description of the antichrist and how he’s likely to operate, at the moment. He goes on to reveal that America has one more round because the young lions are coming. Again, he shares that there’ll be a time of darkness for America, but afterward, there will be a new America, which will herald the rise of the young lions who will stand to fight against the evil culture. He insists also that there will be war and roars of war in the coming year, and we will also witness more false flags. He further brings to our attention that there’ll be weather manipulations, power, and internet glitches, which will have a major impact on airlines and shipping industries.

Additionally, Joseph reveals that there will be political surprises, and the loss of a dictator; regardless of all these, he reassures us that God is working on our behalf. He further insists that joy will surely come in the morning; although there will be downtime, the righteous will go through it unscathed, and will also shine for the gospel in the middle of the many dark times. Also, he insists that God will never leave nor forsake us, for greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world, as seen in the Book of 1 John 4:4. He concludes with the word of God taken from the Book of 1 John 4:17 to inform us that we’re called to be bold and push back on the evil culture. He then speaks the blessings of God upon us, declaring the strength and light of God over us all. 


0:00 Introduction

02:00 False Flags: Mechanisms of Control

08:27 Hope on the Horizon

08:52 Trump & Tucker: Men of the People?

11:40 The Antichrist: What You Need to Know

13:55 Joseph’s Trump Tower Experience

17:44 Downturn & a Time of Darkness

20:00 The Roar & the War

23:06 Political Surprises

30:11 The Glory of the Lord: He’s Making a Way

36:12 Oil Change

38:55 Conclusion