Questions Answers Testimonies!—HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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“You can always find something to be thankful for”. Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a special Thanksgiving broadcast, and today, Joseph Z answers some questions about our ministry and faith; as well as sharing some incredible testimonies. With Joseph in the studio today, are Jason and Elijah, they talked about our ministry and how far we’ve come. Jason shares the surprising numbers of people we’ve been able to reach so far, all thanks to God and our wonderful partners who relentlessly shoulder the responsibility of reaching so many souls for Jesus. They reminisced about past experiences, and how far God has brought them all these years since Joseph answered the call of God on his life. 

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Interestingly, we would come to learn about miraculous events that have taken place in the lives of our partners. Also, Elijah shares another wonderful testimony from one of us who found one of our Books, “Servants of Fire” very insightful and was blessed by its informative content. Moving on, Joseph answers a question about the most difficult part of writing a book, disclosing to us that, the hardest part about writing a book is sitting down and doing it and that it takes a whole lot of discipline to accomplish such a feat as that. Also, Joseph sheds light on when he realized that he had a prophetic calling on his life, revealing that he couldn’t decipher he had a prophetic gift until he had an encounter with his father-in-law. 

Moreso, Joseph reveals his favorite Holiday to be the Christmas holiday because of its festivity. More interestingly, Elijah shares another testimony from one of our audience whom God granted a supernatural provision when she started partnering with our ministry. Joseph further answers one more question, revealing that a good quality of a mature prophet is humility, and also that character ranks higher for him, than gifting because God has shown Him the importance of staying small in our eyes. Again, he exposes how one can know that one has been called, using some Biblical references to explain that one will experience a burning passion for what one is called to do. 

Furthermore, Joseph throws more light on identifying our purpose in life, revealing that identifying what makes us angry, laugh, burn, and cry would reveal exactly where God has called us to be. Also, he explains that, if we can provide answers to these four questions, we will arrive at the purpose of God for our lives. Again, he discloses his favorite Bible verse to be John 14, 15 16, and 17, because these chapters speak mostly about Jesus' love for us. In addition, he shares his most life-changing miracle, which is how God revived his daughter back to life while she was still in the womb. Also, Elijah chips in a word of wisdom for young men today, stating that it’s okay to be manly, especially in today’s culture, and no matter how feminized the world becomes, it’s important that we stand up for biblical teachings and beliefs. 


0:00 Introduction

05:03 Z Ministry in Retrospect

14:05 Miraculous Testimonies

18:52 Joseph’s Moment of Prophetic Realization

29:25 Quality of a Mature Prophet

31:42 How Do You Know that God Called You?

40:22 Joseph’s Life-Changing Miracle

46:47 Sneak Peek at Allison & Jeremy’s Wedding 

51:47 We Don’t Preach Beyond What We Do

1:13:50 How to Harness Your Prophetic Gift

1:23:50 More Testimonies

1:37:00 Conclusion