Hamas is DEMONIZED!!

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Today, on Full Disclosure, Joseph Z is in the studio with Mary, and they analyze the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian war. Joseph begins by sharing a video clip disclosing how Hamas employs deception as a tool to manipulate the world into taking pity on them while they go on a rampage with their demonic assault on Israel. Mary throws more light on what people are supporting when they support Hamas, revealing that Hamas practices Sharia law, which encourages dire consequences for anyone who goes against the law; that is to say, anyone cheering for Hamas consents to this barbaric law. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that there’s a demonic spirit that wants to end the Israeli nation, and people have been blinded by it. However, he asserts that God’s covenant with Israel stands strong regardless of who’s at the helm of affairs. Again, he alerts us about the many questions that have been raised regarding George Soros's involvement in Spanish politics. Further on, he brings our attention to concerns raised about a Fox News poll, revealing that People between the ages of 18 and 29 are getting their news from TikTok. These concerns are based on the fact that China owns TikTok and certainly is playing a major role in controlling the news consumed by people in this age bracket, which is very troubling. 

Nonetheless, he informs us that there will be a turn in the tide and that the Epstein list will soon come to light. Also, he insists that the spirit of the Lord is making a way where there is none, and as such “45” will have another way made for Him by God, to outrun his enemies. Once more, he warns that if nothing is done about our open borders, we will become susceptible to homegrown cell groups that will rise and start using tactical nukes against major cities. Recall that God has since revealed to Joseph in 2020 that there will be ten cities on fire at once.  

Additionally, he warns that we need to be tactical in our moves, stand up with our votes, and say no to our country being hijacked by evil lizard overlords. He further warns about climate lockdowns and nuclear attacks on US soil, if proper care is not taken to check our open border. He further reiterates that “45” may not be a saint, but he happens to be the only sheep amongst a pack of wolves. He then concludes with a prayer, declaring peace over every one of us, and for God to eliminate any spirit of fear in us, but grant us boldness to stand strong during these times.