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Today’s live broadcast highlights the failures of the WEF 2030 agenda and the ways in which Western civilization is being blotted out. Joseph Z begins by sharing a video exposing the many failures of the World Economic Forum’s 2030 agenda. He makes us understand that the spirit of the antichrist wants to dominate the culture, but will not succeed because the church is here. Also, he shares an article revealing that plans are underway to control speech in various online platforms. He further shares another article with us, revealing how the US Navy captured terrorists who attempted to hijack a Tanker tied to Israel. Recall that Joseph had earlier prophesied about oceanic and sea activities that would lead to conflicts; this is now beginning to happen, what with this recent news revealing the Navy’s interception of terrorists at sea. 

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Moving on, Joseph asserts that the Lord has made us for this time, and God is calling the body of Christ to rise up and stop the demise of Western civilization. Interestingly, it turns out that the individual who constantly portrays love for the climate thinks it’s idiotic to plant trees which is scientifically proven to be the best solution for most climate issues. This leaves us with the question, “Who is Gates and what is he really up to”? Joseph, as usual, exposes what the real issue is, behind all these questionable concerns for the climate, revealing that this climate issue is a religion and that it’s impossible for us to have climatic changes, except perhaps the induced ones. 

Again, we see a hearty loud cheer for Trump by the crowd as he makes his way to the Clemson vs South Carolina game. Joseph shared this clip to show exactly who owns the hearts of many Americans in the forthcoming election. He further informs us that the Lord is not afraid and there’s nothing that will hold back the power of God in our lives. Also, he reveals that in the middle of great adversity, there will be a surprise that will not go quietly. He exposes that there will be a different, new America, that will bring with it, lots of changes ranging from electric cars to digital currencies. 

In addition, Joseph urges us to be discerning of what’s happening around us and what the spirit of God is showing us. He employs the word of God from the Book of Isaiah 21:6 to elaborate on the surprise he sees coming next year. Also, in Hebrews 5:12-14, we are urged to be teachers and also cautioned on the importance of having someone teach us the word of God all over again. This is because if we don't have the word of God in us, we can be convinced of anything. He further reminds us that we’re anointed for this time and that God has us in His plans. He reminds us once again that we’re here to alter the narrative until the time of tribulation comes because we’re the plan. He then concludes with Psalm 126, reminding us that we must cooperate with God to turn things around; he further prays for peace in our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

05:47 Online Speech Control

11:40 US Navy Intercepts Terrorists

14:24 God Has Made You for this Time

18:56 Bill Gates: ‘No’ to Trees?

21:11 Demonic Agenda of Population Control

22:27 Trump: A Man of the People?

24:52 A Surprise? What You Need to Know

32:36 The Roar & the War

35:48 Hebrews 5:12-14 

40:47 You are God’s Plan

43:45 Conclusion