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“What you’ve sown in tears, you’ll reap with songs of joy”. “You thought it was a setback, but it will be a comeback”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z reveals what he sees prophetically, disclosing that there’s an intersection of nations, a massive surprise, and a turn of the narrative in the coming year. He reveals that there will also be a time of the roar and war in 2024, and we will also see Germany amplified and the unification of the red countries; giving birth to new alliances and allegiances. He further discloses that a change is coming rapidly and it will turn dramatically, both economically and politically. Again, he discloses that there will be an ashy winter, three nations that will experience a shift of power. By this, they may believe their steps are irrevocable but God says that He will contend with those who contend with His people. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that there will be an uprising of God’s defense for us, for the Lord our God is our shield and He bestows favor and honor; also, no good thing, will He withhold from those who walk uprightly before Him. He employs the word of God from Psalm 126 to pray over us, declaring that God is making a great way for us and that, what we thought was a setback will now be a comeback. He declares further that there is a supernatural “way-making anointing” for us. He then leads us further into the word of God, taken from the Book of Mathew 6:25-33 to remind us of God’s promises over our lives, explaining that all we’re required to do, is to seek Him first and everything we need will be granted unto us. He further declares that the windfall of righteousness is coming to us and we will outgrow our yoke and shackles. 

Similarly, Joseph continues to reveal what the Spirit of God is saying, disclosing that there will be uncaged momentum, just as we see in Isaiah 10:27, which declares that the anointing will lose the yoke off our shoulder and neck and obliterate it. Also, he declares that God will empower us to outrun our enemies in the rain, for evil will slay the wicked but they’ll not come near us. He declares again that light will shine in darkness because we dwell in Goshen. Again, he reveals there will also be some expected and unexpected loss of lives amongst celebrities and it will be a sign of the turn of the age and time; first in the natural and then in the spirit. He makes us understand that God doesn’t want anyone to perish, He only requires us to draw near to Him, and He’ll draw near to us. He promises to make a way for us and also reassures us of brightness and radiance in our lives in the coming year and beyond. Have faith in God! 

Furthermore, Joseph reveals that the great cyber conflict is coming, which will herald new voices and reformers who would stand to oppose this conflict. Once more, he reveals that there will be one more round for America because the young lions are coming. He further declares “Though the vision tarries together with the Lord, He will speak through us and make us a mighty demonstration to a wicked and perverse generation”; for light will shine in darkness. He then speaks peace and life over us, binding every sickness and vile thing that has come against us. He further declares favor and honor on us; praying that crisis fatigue will break on the faith of the righteous, for it cannot withstand the ecclesia.  


0:00 Introduction

02:25 Convergence of Nations

05:06 Unification of the Red Countries: New Alliance

08:11 Uprising of God’s Defense for You

09:02 Psalm 126

11:15 God’s Message for You

12:45 Mathew 6:25-33: Do Not Worry

15:58 Uncaged Momentum: Isaiah 10:27

18:30 You Will Overcome It All

21:30 Brightness & Radiance on You

25:57 God's Special Word to You

29:15 Conclusion