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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to so many mind-bugging issues that have escaped the notice of many, ranging from impostors in government and the demonic 2030 agenda of the World Economic Forum. He begins by sharing a clip detailing the WEF’s agenda, which is quite troubling. He alerts us about a plan to marshall in a totalitarian system of government, what with the number of cops that have resigned from the force in recent times. He asserts that this is no more a battle of having different ideologies, but that of good and evil; and urges us to stand up and challenge this evil that’s growing wings in our society, today. Also, he raises alarm over how people are trooping into our country without proper documentation, which he believes is happening by design. 

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Moving on, Joseph shares another clip exposing the agenda behind electric cars, surprisingly, we will come to learn that it is designed to control where people can or can not go. He further reveals that the plan is to marshall in control through a variety of ways and means; what with our masked leader who is being remotely controlled by evil elites behind the scene, and also our open borders, which is obviously open for a reason, including also, the electric car agenda and the global elites' plans with the WEF and the WHO. Again, he reassures us, “This is not the end, " but we all have a responsibility to stand and push back on all that’s happening in our culture. 

Similarly, Joseph clarifies that religion has a major part to play in this agenda of control because it's become an institution married to the world. Interestingly, he shares another clip exposing some August visitors hosted by the Vatican. He employs the word of God from the Book of Romans 1:16-28 to inform us about God’s stand regarding this form of behavior; revealing further that we do not impose our way of life on God when we receive Jesus, rather we humble ourselves before Him and allow Him to change us completely into better people. Once again, he asserts that any religion or institution that celebrates perversion is a false religion. 

In addition, Joseph urges everyone who’s caught up with the ideologies of the world to come to repentance and turn from our evil ways, lest we become reprobates. He insists that the only way to life and salvation is through Jesus, and no man comes to the Father, except through Jesus Christ. He then prays for us, speaking life, increase, and victory over us; also commanding any demon in our lives to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen! 


0:00 Introduction

01:31 The WEF Agenda

04:20 Cops Quitting the Force?

08:14 Our Open Border & China: Any Relationship?

10:32 Electric Cars: The Hidden Agenda

14:13 The Mask Man & the Open Borders

17:49 The Ultimate Goal

20:39 This is not the End

24:12 Romans 1:16-28

29:16 You Don’t Change the Word, The Word Changes You

37:00 Conclusion