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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z confronts the growing deception of the UFO narrative, multidimensionalism, and otherworldly entities. He begins by sharing a clip exposing an object that moves around Mars every seven hours, which he believes to be scientists coming to their conclusions and an absolute cultural manipulation. He questions why the answer to all the strange things that are discovered out there in space is often concluded to be aliens, which he finds quite deceptive. Also, he brings to our understanding that most of the interdimensional stories we hear today are fake, and even if they’re true, it then means that we’re permitting entities from other dimensions to come into the natural to perpetrate acts of deception.

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Moving on, Joseph shares another clip showing details of the missing Malaysian Flight 370, revealing that this could be a fake or a form of Pharmakeia or witchcraft; also informing us that there will be more and more of this narrative. Interestingly, we will come to learn that there are federation facilities out in the galaxy where other extraterrestrials get together, and there are different missions for many different types of programs, and one of them has as many as thirty different extraterrestrial civilizations people on board. 

Also, he insists that more of this alien narrative will abound, and warns that this should not deceive us as it’s intended to deceive people. He reminds us to fear God and keep His commandments, urging us also, to rebuke anything we see that we do not understand because God has not given us the spirit of fear, but that of boldness and sound mind. Again, he cautions us about staying alert spiritually, as these beings could perform some impossible things and use them to deceive us into believing that they’re of God. In addition, he urges us to stick to the word of God, discern, and exercise our five senses with the word of God to ascertain what is good or evil. He then prays for us, breaking all deceptions off our lives and declaring peace over our minds. 


0:00 Introduction

01:58 Growing Deception

04:57 Objects Circling Mars?

08:03 Supernatural Entities or Extraterrestrial Beings?

13:37 Missing Malaysian Flight 370: What You Need to Know

18:05 Sky View Clip of The Missing Flight

20:22 UFO/UAP Driving Past an Airplane?

23:12 A Technology in Corporation with Aliens?

27:46 What to do about the UFO Narrative

31:43 Reason Why God Will Shorten the Days

34:11 Stick to the Word of God

34:46 Conclusion