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Today’s broadcast is a question-and-answer session; in the studio with Joseph Z are Jason, Joshua, Elijah, and Mary. Jason begins with a question from the audience addressed to Joseph, which is who he considers to be his favorite apostle amongst the twelve apostles. Joseph responds, revealing that his favorite apostle is John; because he, like his brother James, drank from the cup of suffering but outlived all the other apostles. Further on, Joseph enquires from Joshua what he believes to be the secret to longevity in ministry, and he responds by saying that the secret to longevity is staying true to the heart that’s been placed inside of us. Also, he shares his experience in Bama, a war-torn zone where God called him to minister to soldiers at war. On the other hand, Mary shares what is happening in the ministry, revealing that our reach has increased in recent times. Fortunately, a lot of people are believing in us, for a million for a billion. 

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Moving on, Joseph answers a question from Mary, regarding what part of the Bible new converts can start from; revealing that the Book of John is a good start, and then from the Old Testament, Proverbs is a good start, and we can read chapters according to what day of the month it is. Joshua chips in, revealing that it’s important that we read the Bible regularly until it starts talking back to us. Further on, Jason enquires from Joseph what his go-to-verse is, and he responds with John 14, 15, 16, and 17 because of the context, followed by Psalm 119:32, 2Thesalonian, and Romans 8:14. Again, Joshua enquires from Joseph, the best way that one can practice hearing the voice of God, he responds by stating that, reading the Bible constantly and meditating on His word is like preparing the ground for God to draw closer to us and with time when we least expect it, he speaks to us. 

Similarly, Joseph responds to more questions, revealing that the question he would ask Jesus if he were seated in an interview with Him, would be, “What was going on before Adam, before Lucifer failed, personal destiny issues and what the game plan was before the fall of Adam”. Interestingly, Joseph shares the various encounters he has had with Jesus, where He appeared to him unexpectedly and revealed things that would happen in the future; disclosing also that, those were traumatic experiences because of how they happened. He further shares another interesting testimony about how he was prophesied to by a stranger in transit. Joshua takes it from there, sharing why he joined Joseph’s ministry and how far they’ve come, firstly as friends and then as ministers of Christ. 

In addition, Jason shares more testimonies about how a couple partnered with proceeds from their business, and got an instant financial increase that led to their business’ expansion to other areas. Also, Joseph makes us understand that when we give, God is not trying to get something from us but to get something for us. Joshua echoes his support for this, revealing that our ministry is a good ground for our seeds to grow into something beautiful, and we could see this in how our new building was acquired. More interestingly, they talk about the CERN conspiracy and Joseph also shares his experience at the Denver airport. They concluded with a prayer, declaring blessing over our families and casting out darkness in our lives. Further declares victory over our lives, speaking increase, and supernatural strength over our partners and every one of us. 


0:00 Introduction

02:35 Joseph’s Favourite Apostle

07:03 Joshua’s Bama Experience

09:33 Where To Start in Your Bible Journey

12:34 Practicing Hearing the Voice of God

17:00 What Questions Would You Ask Jesus?

26:37 Joseph’s Prophetic Encounters & Testimonies

35:07 Testimonies From Our Partners

46:08 A Million for a Billion

49:45 Watchmen Journalism

53:30 CERN’s New Headquarters

1:01:40 Conclusion