Full Disclosure: Their Plan Is Unveiling!

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In today’s Full Disclosure, Joseph Z features Ryan and Mary; they unveiled the hidden agenda behind digitalization, which is solely geared towards having absolute control over people, dictating what they do or don’t. Ryan agrees that the move to digitalize everything is not in good faith for the people’s welfare but in good faith of the few elites behind the scenes, who seek to control the world and make everyone be whatever they want them to be. He cites the emasculation of males currently going on in the culture as an example of the evil that awaits in the future. Further, Jseph shares a clip showing the next agenda that just got rolled out in Europe, a digital ID designed to track our medical records, personal information, and location at every point in time. Ryan admits that it’s terrifying, revealing that anything online, can be easily controlled. Again, Joseph shares another clip detailing the US financial plan for the future, which he believes is a plan to put people into a digital prison.  

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Moving on, Mary questions how safe this plan can be for people, or whether the safety that’s alluded to, is for a select few, while the rest of the people lick their wounds if things go sour. Also, Joseph shares a clip showing how the then-president of the US exposed plans for a totalitarian system of government. Mary, on the other hand, alerts us about the current measures the government is taking to track down the perpetrators of the January 6 attack that disrupted the election process, which Joseph finds quite laughable; because instead of tracking the terrorists, the feds are harassing citizens believed to be present at the area during the unfortunate event. Ryan airs his view on this, revealing that this approach is not new to the government as we witnessed the same in the way that they went after parents who stood against certain educational policies that are forced on our kids. 

Again, Joseph shares another clip disclosing how the mRNA vaccines are being administered to children even when it’s not marked safe for kids, and animals. Interestingly, he shares a clip showing Andrew Tate condemning the way the vaccine was forced down people’s throats, and Joseph applauds his bravery, asserting that we all should stand up for ourselves as Andrew. Ryan takes it from there, wondering if there are two types of Vaccines out there because we could see that the elites who we suspect to be behind this killer vaccine are taking it in public display. Joseph responds to this by exposing that the people who developed this vaccine, the congressmen, and all the political leaders are exempt from the vaccine, so to say, one can’t tell what they’re up to when they put up a public display showing that they’re receiving the vaccine. 

In addition, Joseph urges us all to embrace Jesus, because He is our only hope right now and He assures us in His word that we can trample upon scorpions and lions and no harm will come to us. Again, he shares the plan of the UN to control online speech and questions where the protection for conservative ideologies, and the Christian belief systems fall under all of these, what with every perverted ideology getting all the attention and protection. Mary sheds more light on this, revealing that this policy is already effective as people now pay so much to get more views for their content. Surprisingly, we will come to realize that there’s a growing market for unvaccinated people. They conclude with a prayer, speaking life and peace over everyone, commanding light over every plan of the enemy, and declaring prosperity over us in Jesus’s name.