Holding Your Ground Under Pressure Produces DIAMOND SEEDS!

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“Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you”.

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches how to hold our ground under pressure to produce diamond seeds. He begins by informing us that we’re destined to mature, to go higher, and bring light to our generation; also our light represents our revelational knowledge, what God has marked us for, and what God has marked us to do. He employs the word of God from the Book of Proverbs 4:18 to enlighten us that the path of the righteous shines brighter until the full day, which means that God has called us to increase, produce, and continue going forward. Also, he makes us understand that maturity in the word of God entails reading the Bible until it starts talking back to us, influences our decision-making, our convictions, and moral compass; to the point where we recognize that our opinion doesn’t matter, but realize that the word of God surpasses our opinion. 

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Moving on, Joseph leads us further into the word of God from the Book of John 1:12 which makes us understand that all that received Him, to them, He gave the right to become children of God. Also, he informs us that we can’t be a disciple of the Lord without being a student of His word because a disciple is a practitioner of the word of God. He further brings to our knowledge that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law, and to turn away the wrath of God from us, we must embrace Jesus because He fulfilled the law so that we may be free from all punishment due to our guilt. Also, when we come unto Jesus, He declares us innocent and makes a way for us where there seems to be none. Once more, he reveals what to expect in the coming year, insisting that the covenant blood of the Lamb will cushion the effect of the difficulties that will weigh the world down, for those who have received Jesus, and obey His word. 

Furthermore, Joseph opens our eyes of understanding to realize that our acts of faith against the culture are like seeds we plant into our future which will germinate into a bountiful harvest of miracles. Also, he reveals that there’ll be financial miracles, healing in health, land transfers, and miraculous turnarounds pushing back at the culture. Also, he insists that when we seek first the kingdom of God despite our difficulty and seed wars, we’re sowing diamond seeds that will yield bountiful returns eventually. He urges us to stick to Jesus even if the world loses its mind, reminding us of the word of God in Psalm 73:1-25 which instructs us not to envy the ways of the wicked or their prosperity because their end is not a pleasant one. In addition, he insists once more that when we seek the kingdom of God first, all the things that we seek will be added unto us. 


0:00 Introduction

04:54 Maturity in God’s Word: Meaning

07:08 John 1:12 

11:55 Christ: The Ultimate Sacrifice

15:05 Jesus Fulfilled the Law

19:00 Year 2024: What to Expect

22:11 Diamond Seeds & the Harvest

31:00 God Knows & He Sees You

34:14 Psalm 73:1-25

43:48 The End of the Wicked

52:04 What Happens When You Put God’s Kingdom First?

55:14 Conclusion