Prophetic Conversation!—The ROAR & WAR IN 24! w/ special guest Alan Didio

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“Be free from the mediocrity that surrounds you, from the deceptions that have bound you and the destruction that’s trying to destroy you; for it has all come to naught, and your enemies are about to encounter a God he cannot run away from, and you’re about to see the resurrection power of God Almighty in you”. 

Today, on the live broadcast, Joseph Z is in the studio with Alan Didio and they talk about what to expect in the coming year. Alan begins by sharing what he sees in the coming year, observing that the church is in a very precarious situation right now and that our attention has been fizzled out by meaningless warfare. He reveals that there will be a war in 2024, exposing that 1 Samuel 21 is in the semblance of where we are right now, outlining the significance of intercessory prayer and urging us to engage in faith-filled intercessory prayer. He further analyzes that the civil war coming in 2024 will be dominant in the church because political struggles are always reflective of spiritual battles in America. 

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Moving on, Alan interprets prophetically, the battle between David and Saul in 1 Samuel 21, liking it to the battle going on now politically and spiritually, also warning us to be alert, so as not to be consumed just like Ahimelech was, losing his life out of ignorance of the magnitude of the war going on between David and Saul. He urges us all to stay alert and realize that there is a war going on right now, to equip ourselves spiritually for warfare. Again, he asserts that we must awaken through the understanding of eschatology and the baptism of the holy spirit, recognizing the imminence of the return of Jesus Christ and how it protects us from the deception of the enemy. Also, he reveals that we must treat the baptism of the holy spirit as we do the gospel. 

Again, Alan continues to break down the revelation for the coming season, revealing that we’re in a tipping point moment of history where things are going to change graphically and dramatically; a moment of dangerous opportunity. Once more, he discloses that we witnessed the rise of David, who had the anointing but was not into position in 1 Samuel 21, and likens it to the times we’re in, today; revealing that there has to be a sifting so that the king can rise to the top. He urges us to prepare because the people who are prepared will be the leaders in the next season. Also, he outlines the importance of getting prepared and getting into prayer, because God extended the life of Hezekiah when he prayed to God. 

Furthermore, he further reminds us of the grace of God, and that, if we pray to God to give us more time, he will give us one more opportunity to repent and embrace the salvation offered to us by Christ Jesus. He urges us to take this moment of grace we have, to be as bold as we can, declaring the gospel of Jesus to as many people as we can. He declares upon us to awake, be free from the mediocrity that surrounds us, from the deceptions that have bound us and the destruction that’s trying to destroy us, for it has all come to naught, and our enemies are about to encounter a God he cannot run away from, and we’re about to see the resurrection power of God almighty in us. He then prays further for us, declaring healing upon all ailing bodies, and proclaiming that we will not grow weary, but will be filled with the spirit of might to get into the fullness of what God has in store for us. 


0:00 Introduction

02:04 What to Expect in 2024

04:04 1 Samuel 21: Current Prophetic Disposition

08:37 Schism & Division 

10:08 The Prophetic Warning

12:30 A Wake Up Call

15:09 The Days of Noah & the Present Time

19:27 Should We Expect the Reformers?

21:58 Can Prayer Alter the Time of Events?

24:45 Awake Oh Sleeper! Come Out of the Darkness!

28:49 Soberness & Joy

31:53 Conclusion