NOAH’S ARK The LAST DAYS!! w/ Rick Renner!

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“Noah didn't sink with everybody else, and the same water that destroyed the earth made Noah and his family rise higher and higher”.

In the studio today, are Joseph Z and Rick Renner, they enlighten us about Noah’s ark and the last days. Rick begins by clarifying that Noah’s ark did not land on the Mount of Ararat as a lot of people have believed over the years, but landed on the surroundings of the mountain. He explains that there is a mountain on the border of Iran named Mount Judi, which is one of the lower mountains in the Mount Ararat mountain range, where Noah’s ark landed. He further clarifies that the reason why it can't be seen today is because it’s been covered with mud from the top to the bottom. Surprisingly, we will come to learn that the meaning of the name “Judi” is “the place of the landing”. Also, he reveals that the epic of Gilgamesh, which is the oldest flood account in the whole world, describes where Noah’s ark had landed and it’s the same as where he had revealed it to be. 

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Moving on, Rick reveals that, at the bottom of the floodplain is an ancient village named the “Village of Eight”, and beyond it are the ruins of a Church, which was believed to be constructed on the ruins of Noah’s house in the valley. Also, he reveals that Noah’s great-grandfather’s name is Jared, which means, “shall come down”. During his days, angels would come down to aid the affairs of men, but along the line got infatuated with the beauty of the women of the world, and started having sexual relationships with them which gave birth to giants on earth known as Nephilims. We would come to learn also, that those angels didn't just mate with humans but with beasts and animals which led to the birth of other bizarre-looking creatures on earth, provoking God’s decision to cleanse the earth of this infestation.

Once more, Rick continues to enlighten us, disclosing Jesus’ warning in the Book of Matthew 24:37 to remind us that what happened in the days of Noah will repeat itself, and we’re beginning to witness that today. Once more, he makes us understand that Noah didn't sink with everybody else, and the same water that destroyed the earth made Noah and his family rise higher and higher. He then declares that every one of us who obeys the word of God will float on Noah’s water. Again, he urges us not to run away from the evil culture but confront it head-on because there’s no safe place in the world today to run to. In addition, he advises that the most important tool we have in our lives is the Bible because the word of God gives us a solid foundation for our lives. He urges us to read the Bible and to pray to God every time we wake up from sleep. He then prays for us, speaking the blessings of God over us, and declaring healing over anyone who’s sick in the body. 


0:00 Introduction

01:35 Rick’s Account of Noah’s Ark

03:40 Mount Judi: Location of Noah’s Ark

09:06 1959: The Ark’s Exposure by an Earthquake

10:52 Drogue Stones on Noah’s Ark?

11:55 The Village of Eight

14:40 As the Days of Noah

19:19 Earth’s Destruction and Cleansing

22:19 You Will Float on the Waters of Destruction

25:05 You Can’t Run From the Call of God

29:11 Discipline in the Call of God

31:47 Conclusion