NO LIMIT FORUM!——Psychics,Angels, Cremation, Euphrates Riv, Cremation,TITHING,Tattoos & MUCH MORE!!

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Welcome to the *NO LIMIT FORUM!* Questions——Psychics, Fallen Angels, ALIENS, Cremation, River Euphrates, Predestination, TITHING, SOVEREIGNTY of God, Tattoos, MIRACLES, What hinders Prayer? and A LOT MORE!!

In the studio with Joseph Z on today’s Q&A live broadcast, are Jason, Holly, Allison, and Heather Z. The session begins with a testimony from one of our members who received a word from Joseph regarding his niece whose family was ripped apart by divorce, but by the prophecy of Joseph, he went home, ministered to his niece and she received Jesus in her life. Joseph went further to teach the difference between prophecy and psychic abilities; employing the word of God from Amos 7:13-14 to explain that some gifting works through DNA, passed down from generation to generation. He further explains that there are people born with gifts in the psychic world, but because they’re not inclined to God, they become a tool in the hands of the devil who pervert their gifts. Prophetic people on the other hand are people with gifts who have surrendered to God and are trained in the holy spirit and with the word of God. Again, he makes us understand that communicating with the dead is necromancy and it’s against the word of God.

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Moving on, Joseph clarifies that demons cannot have access to us unless we permit them to do so, and unless we open ourselves up to these mediums and psychics, their powers won’t work on us. Again, he responds to the question about if there’s any difference between aliens and fallen angels, exposing that aliens are fallen angels but then demons and fallen angels are quite different. He further reveals that fallen angels could be involved in the UFO narratives while demons are disembodied spirits of giants destroyed in the Old Testament. Also, he responds to another question about whether a person will still go to heaven if they choose cremation over burial, instructing that, being cremated will not impede anyone from accessing heaven and that it doesn't matter what happens with our physical bodies because it will be regenerated on the day of the resurrection.

Once more, Jason shares another testimony of a member who read our book, “Servants of Fire, and got born again afterward. Further on, he responds to what it means to be predestined, revealing that God has a plan for every person, and when we give our lives to Christ, he forges our steps to the fulfillment of our destiny. He again, explains that predestination takes the urgency out of the gospel, and God wills that all men be saved, he has specific assignments for people and if we don’t cooperate with that plan, we could miss it completely. Also, he reveals that the Bible is there to guide us, but if we derail and get caught up with the world, that’s not God’s will for our lives; because God wants us to renew our minds so that He can work through us using His word. On the other hand, Heather responds to the question about if there are prayers that are wrong and ineffective; revealing that begging and pleading with God is not a good form of prayer because Christ has already paid the price, and what we must do is to get into the word of God, get persuaded by it and believe that we have all that God promised us in His word.

Furthermore, Heather shares her experience with healing prayers that instantly got people healed, revealing that getting saturated in the word of God changes the way we think and view a situation, to the point that it builds our faith with full confidence that God’s word on healing or any particular situation becomes our reality. Also, she discloses that our first response to a situation goes a long way in determining the outcome. This would be seen in the way Jason responded to his doctor who reported certain things not being in order in his body, he rejected the report and after eight months at healing school, he became whole and free of his previous bad medical report. Joseph further answers questions about wearing a tattoo as a Christian, making us understand that it’s not what is outside our body that corrupts us but what comes out of it. Heather concludes with a prayer, raising Christ’s covenant over any ailment in our bodies, declaring every cell to respond to the Blood of Jesus, and also declaring provision and protection over our various households. 


0:00 Introduction

06:11 Prophetic Evangelism: Testimony

08:04 Psychics & Prophecy: Differences

26:46 Aliens Are Demons: Truth about Fallen Angels

36:37 Can Cremation Hinder Us From Going to Heaven?

43:51 What Does it Mean to be Predestined?

53:02 Are There Wrong Prayers?

58:48 Heather’s Experience On Her Healing Gift

1:18:28 River Euphrates: Prophetic Interpretation

1:23:52 Tattoos & Christians: What You Need to Know

2:05:55 Healing Prayers

2:15:05 Conclusion