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“Giants are meant for killing”. “Great faith is the product of great fights, great testimonies are the outcome of great tests, and great triumphs can only come, out of great trials”. 

Today, on Full Disclosure, Pastor Mark Cowart, Ryan, and Mary join Joseph Z in the studio and they bring exposure to what’s going on in the world today, not to scare but to prepare us for what’s to come. Joseph begins by sharing a clip revealing the plan of the Rockefellers to create scarce energy, a transition from abundance to scarcity. Pastor Mark agrees with Joseph’s perception about this issue being a mechanism of control and hindering people’s freedom. He goes on to reveal that the clergy stood against tyranny in American history, as could be seen with the activities of the then “black robe regiment”, who stood against tyranny in the country. He calls upon all clergies to realize their duties and stand up to this evil government and culture. On the other hand, Ryan commented on the demonic plan to control all humanity, what with the agenda of the WEF and WHO’s organized crime of advocating for a whole global humanity to be injected with a bioweapon. In all of these, Pastor Cowart believes that there’s hope, because what the devil meant for evil, God will use for the good of His people; for the body of Christ can not be destroyed. 

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Moving on, Ryan chips in, asserting that for so long we’ve talked about how bad it is, but nobody tells us how to push back this darkness; he calls for leaders to rise to lead people into war against evil in our land and the world at large. Joseph agrees with this, overemphasizing the need for everyone to stand up and say “no” to being pushed around by the evil in our community. Pastor Mark, on the other hand, makes us understand that everything in life boils down to an authority issue, and in the founding era, pastors were the most informed of all of the community, people would go to church to get the information they needed regarding any incident that occurs in the land or government. Further on, Mary raised the issue of Sharia law and informed us that their next target location is the West. Also, Ryan brings the sleeper cells issue to our attention, revealing that with how open our border is, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we have a large number of cells spread across America. 

Similarly, Joseph revisits his prophecy about God revealing to him that “what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”, and also how God revealed to him what would happen in Israel before the current ongoing war. Given this, he reminds us once more about the prophecy he has been getting that has to do with “ten cities burning at once”, believing that it’s a sign that may involve nationwide cyber warfare. He insists that these things are coming and believes that we can retaliate with prayer; Pastor Mark echoes his support to this, believing that intercessory prayer can save us from what is to come. Ryan prays for supernatural faith, and authority, that we may rise and move in ways that are expected of us. Joseph takes the baton, speaking life over us, that the normalcy bias be broken off our lives. Pastor Mark takes it from there, praying that God may use us individually and collectively to pull down strongholds. Mary also prays and calls things that are not, as though they are, declaring healing over our lives. 

In addition, Pastor Mark urges us not to let the enemy get us focused on the negative, but to lift up our eyes, because our redemption is closer than it has ever been. Joseph went further to share what he sees for the year 2024, which are the roar, the war, and more. Again, he makes us understand that when we find our tribe, we find our calling, and when we do, we find a return for everything that belongs to us. He insists that the Lord assures us of provision and many more in the coming year. Ryan chimes in, challenging us not to settle for little when there is so much more for us.