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In this broadcast, Joseph shares a prophecy regarding the coming financial system and a glimpse at the BRICS scenario. He reveals that we’re going into a season of two systems, where the old model will not work as it once did. He goes on to disclose that he saw the war, the roar, and more in the coming season. Again, he reveals that the BRICS nation will take a lunge forward into the coming year, beginning with Europe and other nations; including a change in the financial values we’ve once known. 

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Again, Joseph exposes that there will be a great awakening that will take place in every area that the kingdom of God covers. He further discloses that BRICS will take a step forward but their plans will not go as they expected, because their agenda is the same as they’ve been trying to run from. Once more, he reveals that “More” is coming to those who are committed to making God rich, and the best way to enrich God is by bringing souls into His kingdom. He emphasized that “More” will come for the faithful, who have laid it all down to let God do His will. 

In addition, he reveals that the Evangelists will merge with the Prophets; for God reveals that He will anoint the Evangelists. He further discloses that some of the places that people believe to be safe havens will become the opposite. Once again, he exposes that there are plans to choke out the US currency, but the Lord will expose this, and there will also be significant rulings regarding “45”. He also insists that the wicked will groan, but the righteous will rejoice. He concludes with a prayer, declaring an “increase” over us, speaking life and the blessings of the Lord upon every one of us.