Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Todd Coconato!

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Joseph Z is in the studio today, with Pastor Todd Coconato, and they talk about the current goings-on in the culture today. Pastor Todd begins by informing us that the book of Revelation is coming alive before our eyes, and God expects us to be disciplined in our hearts and minds, and not live in fear of the culture. He believes that the powers that be have been testing out ways they can use to control humanity, but we should rest assured that God is with us and He will never forsake us. Also, he makes us understand that we must always have a message of hope as Christians and admits that we haven’t done a good job as the body of Christ, because there’s so much filth around us that requires our attention, but we’ve turned a blind eye to it. 

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Moving on, Pastor Todd insists we must exude the joy of the Lord, not be engulfed in the bad things happening around us, but be aware of the move of God around us, and also realize that all the crazy things happening around us, are not our future. Further on, Joseph recounts his earlier prophecy concerning Vegas and insists that there’s a sense of hope he feels in the middle of all that’s happening and in all that is to come. Pastor Todd weighs in on this, revealing that we have the authority in Jesus to abort the plans of the enemy, and just because the evil ones have a plan does not mean their plans will pull through; therefore we’re expected to engage in intercessory prayers for the Lord’s intervention.

Similarly, Joseph uses the word of God from the Book of  Mathew 24:19-20, to remind us that there’s an imminent event coming, regardless, God also instructs us in verse twenty, to pray that this event doesn't happen in certain periods; which he believes alludes to the power of intercessory prayer. Pastor Todd, on the other hand, agrees with this, explaining that the warning is clear and that, it’s important we begin to hear from the Lord. He makes us understand that the easiest way to hear from the Lord is to read the word of God frequently. Also, he explains that not only do we need to hear from the Lord, but also hearken to it when we do, because faith is the currency for everyone who believes in God. 

In addition, Pastor Todd engages in powerful prophetic ministration, regarding marriages, prodigal children, fear, and anxiety. He informs us that the Lord doesn't want us to doubt, and because the enemy cannot steal our faith, he tries to use fear and anxiety to distract and limit us. He further declares that we will well up in our faith and the root of this fear and anxiety will not go with us into the next year. Moreso, Joseph Z bears more prophetic messages for us, disclosing that the Lord assures that he will restore all the years that the locust has eaten, and there will be good news on the heels of this season. Pastor Todd concludes by letting us know that the heaviness we feel is the plan of the enemy, and urges us to always have the joy of the Lord in our hearts. He then prays for the joy of the Lord and more fire in the service of God. 


0:00 Introduction

02:23 Fear: A Tool of the Devil

06:30 Test-run of Planned Events? 

09:09 A Call for Change: Back to the Core

11:02 Message of Hope: The Church’s Evangelical Tool

14:32 Exude the Joy of the Lord

19:00 Cyber Warfares & Incredible Hope

22:50 Matthew 24:19-20

26:35 Hear & Trust the Voice of the Lord

27:51 Pastor Todd’s Prophetic Ministration

33:19 Joseph’s Prophetic Ministration

34:02 Conclusion