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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z shares the prophetic vision he had recently about a cyber battle, and how God revealed to him that, “What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas” and at that time of the vision, there was a cyber attack going on in Las Vegas which he was unaware of. Given this, he informs us that this cyber attack may be induced once more by the Red Dragon, or by our leaders by permission, to shut down voices of liberty and also to control what happens at the poll in the upcoming election. He further reveals that defectors are coming, alongside propaganda and maritime battles in the water. 

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Moving on, Joseph informs us that engaging with the Red Dragon will cause them to go after all the online platforms because they’ve already infiltrated our internet and are threatening to burn our clubhouses down if they don’t get their way. However, he exposes that the Red Dragon is only able to issue these threats because they’re getting some level of support from our leaders. Recall that the Lord has earlier revealed to us through Joseph, that the old model will not survive, and there will be two systems colliding with each other. Again, he brings to our attention that the roar, war, and more are coming in 2024. He reveals once again, that if we go into conflict with Iran and its neighboring countries, he fears the word Decapolis will come to light (ten cities burning).

Similarly, Joseph insists that defectors are coming and that breakthroughs will be waiting at the end of all that is coming. He further reveals that we need to pray for “45” because if we don’t, it may lead to irreversible consequences, which spell doom for the people of America specifically and the world in general. He insists there’s been a great deception over the body of Christ, but there’s a great hope rising because we’re the secret plan that God will use to fight the evil at hand. Once more, he insists that there’s a great deal of clamp down of truth on online platforms currently, but the Lord has assured us of a freedom tech, and a new media alliance that’ll spring up soon. 

In addition, Joseph informs us to get ready for a freedom tech. He also warns that people’s lives are on the line, but there’s “More” coming, the Isaiah 10:27 anointing that will destroy all of our yoke. He then reassures us, asserting that those who are bold will break out, those who are full of faith will rise and that evil can’t touch those who are strong in the Lord. 


0:00 Introduction

07:16 False Flags: Take Heed

08:16 Coming of Defectors & Propaganda

09:08 Big Threat of the Red Dragon

11:00 Cyber & the Rise of Two Systems

12:09 Overturn of Roe V Wade

13:00 The War, the Roar, the More

13:42 Caution about War with Iran

17:17 Rise of More Defectors

22:24 Supernatural Intervention

23:39 You’re the Secret Plan

27:42 Conclusion