Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Larry Sparks!

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In the studio with Joseph Z, today is Larry Sparks and they talk about prophetic answers to believers, amidst all that’s going on in the world today. Larry begins by revealing that the answer to this generation is the supernatural outpour of the spirit because what drew people to the early church in the Book of Acts 2 was the loud outpour of the Holy Spirit, therefore we can not be quiet about the need and the necessity of the Holy Spirit. Also, he shares how he plans his revival meetings that provoke the presence of God which leads to so many healing miracles and great testimonies. 

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Moving on, Larry shares all that God is doing through his ministry and the many testimonies that God has granted people through the presence of the Holy Spirit because, according to him, the kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit. He further discloses that we’re in dark times, and we should take heed not to fall for anyone who says that things are going to be better because there are dark times ahead. Again, he reveals that there is a connection between the coming year 2024 with Psalm 24, further insisting that God is pouring out His spirit right now and we have a responsibility to accept however the Holy Spirit wants to move around us. 

Similarly, Larry asserts that we shouldn't be offended when people begin to move under the influence of the Holy Spirit because we don’t have time anymore to concern ourselves with things that do not matter, which are petty criticisms. He makes us understand that we need to be doorkeepers and be accepting of however the Spirit of God wants to move around us. He believes if we open the atmosphere through prayer to summon the Holy Spirit, open the scripture and preach, open the altar, and let people in, to encounter the Holy Spirit; God will open the nations. 

In addition, he insists that God is opening a new way of communication, and new ways of doing things. He then prays for all those who have secret sources of shame, that God will liberate them; praying also for deliverance over everyone that’s entangled in wrong relationships. He further prays for a new appetite for God and that everyone who’s struggling will witness the love of God in their lives. 


0:00 Introduction

03:39 The Answer for Believers at This Time

07:57 Larry’s Secret Weapon Against Darkness

12:08 Acts 19: Unusual Miracles

16:19 Wholeness, Joy, & Healing 

16:44 God’s Kingdom in the Holy Spirit

18:20 Prophetic Message: Release From Shackles

20:28 Dark Times Ahead

21:16 The False Prophetic

23:15 A Word for the Next Season

31:02 Open the Atmosphere Through Prayer

32:55 Prayer & Conclusion