Casting out the Demon of Bewitchment by Walking in the Spirit!!

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Today, Joseph Z arms us with the wisdom and knowledge of casting out the demon of bewitchment. He begins by drawing our attention to the recent happenings around us, ranging from nations rising against nations, birth pangs, the recent agreements on climate issues, to the transportation issues; which he believes is a ploy to get people into a captivity of control. Also, he reveals that there’s an evil agenda that has been on the pipeline for a while now, but it shall not come to pass under our watch. He leads us to the Book of Galatians 3:1-2 to admonish us about straying from the word of God and from the life we have sworn to live when we received the Lord Jesus in our lives. He discloses that there’s a bewitchment going on in the church, in a wide variety of issues, and frowns at how people treat conspiracies at the same level as the gospel. 

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Moving on, Joseph takes us back to the Book of Matthew 24:11, to remind us that false prophets shall rise to deceive many and that lawlessness will abound, thereby making the hearts of men grow cold. He further explains that the real definition of deception is “to cause one to wonder”, and this is what happens when we go down the path of conspiracies. He insists there’s a deception afoot, and the sad reality is that it’s causing many to wonder, but we can repent from obsessing over conspiracies, and get back into the word of God. Again, he informs us that it’s time to break the cycle of wondering, embrace the word of God, and allow the spirit of God to work through us. 

Similarly, Joseph analyzes the differences between the natural and the spirit, informing us that when we begin to absorb bad doctrine, news, and conspiracies, the natural will have a limited experience based on all these; as such, we limit our spirit from manifesting in the natural, thereby hindering our healing, peace, provision, deliverance, right relationships, and all the gifts of the holy spirit. Given this, when we change what happens in the natural, imbibing great acts of faith, then all the spiritual gifts of God begin to manifest in our lives. Once more, he brings to our understanding that what we meditate on, determines what we receive, and the more we believe in God, the more we see our breakthroughs manifest in the natural.

Furthermore, Joseph makes us understand that Christ died for us to be free and when we fill our minds with conspiracies and with canal things, we make ourselves slaves to the world, thereby becoming bound by the evil in this world instead of enjoying the peace and freedom that Christ has made available for us. Our Lord Jesus said we would have trouble in this world, but assured us to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. More interestingly, he makes us understand that the devil doesn't know what to do with us when we don’t give our attention to all the noise and chaos he creates around us. He prays for us, declaring strength and boldness upon us in the name of Jesus. 


0:00 Introduction

08:07 Galatians 3:1

11:15 Matthew 24:11: Warning for the Last Days

13:38 Interpretation of Deception

17:38 Deception: Brainchild of Conspiracy

20:35 Overcoming the Yoke of Conspiracy

22:47 1 Corinthians 15:46: The Spirit & The Natural

27:15 How to Obtain the Fruits of the Spirit

29:48 Hebrews 5:15: Exercise Your Senses

32:09 Dangers of Being Entangled in Conspiracies

36:00 Be of Good Cheer I’ve Overcome the World

44:33 Conclusion