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In today’s episode of Full Disclosure, Joseph Z is in the studio with Allison, and they talk about a lot going on in the world today, beginning with the irregularities in the 2020 elections and the unfortunate event that happened with the Turkish PM after reeling out threats against Israel. Allison likened this instant karma, to what happened in the Book of Acts 12, where the angel of God struck Herod and he suffered greatly before he gave up the ghost. Joseph expressed sadness over what’s happening in Ukraine and how innocent people are suffering because of the bad decisions of perverted leaders. He shares a disturbing clip showing how grenades were thrown casually in a meeting room, over some misunderstanding in a meeting of a few people in attendance. 

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Moving on, Joseph shares another clip showing Putin expressing displeasure over how unfairly Trump has been treated before the whole world, which has in a big way revealed the rottenness of the US political system. On the other hand, Allison raises concern over a recently released movie titled “Leave the World Behind”, which is believed to have portrayed everything that’s currently happening around us and how it goes to show that our leaders are very much aware of what they’re doing. Joseph believes this to be predictive programming, designed to prepare the people for what is to come. Interestingly, Allison also points out the hidden symbolic arrangement in the original title of the movie which translates to BAAL, and believes this is too much of a coincidence. 

Similarly, Allison further brings our attention to more predictive programmed movies coming out in spring 2024 tagged “Civil War”, which seems like a warning for what to expect because Joseph has already prophesied about the roar and the war in the coming year. He believes that war is part of their game plan, this is so that they can usher in their demonic agenda after the destruction and collapse the civil war will bring. Regardless of this, they believe that prayer can avert most of all these so that the plans of the enemies will not go the way they’ve willed it. Further on, Joseph alerts us about what is currently going on in China; we come to learn that there’s a regulation on how one spends, owing to the newly introduced cashless policy. On the other hand, Allison shares a message of hope with us, encouraging young moms to have no fear about the wellbeing of their children because God has anointed them for such a time as this.  

Furthermore, Joseph alerts us about recent China’s threat of infiltrating and shutting down the US online platforms if they feel threatened by the US in any way. We would also come to learn, that a new technology has been adopted to curb drunk driving. He believes that this is a plan to have more control over people, and we’re also seeing this system of control with the de-dollarization of the US dollar. Regardless of all these, he believes a silver lining and a comeback is coming, because the Lord will grant us “More” in provision, strength, and land transfers. In addition, Allison prays for protection and pleads the Blood of Jesus over everyone who’s been anointed to turn things around. Joseph also assures us that God will not leave nor forsake us, speaking peace and strength over us. He commands the spirit of the Lord to aid us in ceasing the nation and driving out the demonic forces against our lives and this nation.